New strike tower


I’m very happy with the coins and the DNA… but let’s be honest, that epic strike tower was pathetic.

You don’t face 1 epic Dino.

I used a stegodeus level 23 for the entire 10 rounds, it went below 2000 health twice…

I love strike towers, they’re brilliant, and it is basically free DNA and coins… but that’s meant to be an epic challenge… it was so easy.

Before people moan at me, I don’t want ludia to change anything, just my opinions


Easy for you, but there are a lot of people it’s designed for that isn’t you so that they have a chance. Maybe they’ll start customizing them to each player level but as of now people in much lower levels deserve a chance too.


My sis plays, and she’s level 8 (I’m 14), so these are actually challenging for her, so it’s all good. Free coins for me!


Fairly dire dna for the most part but I will take the 278 Baryonyx :slight_smile: Helpt get my Tryostronix up to 130/200 …


And did help me fine tune my Diloranosaurus moves :slight_smile: