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New suggestions v2

When it comes to legendary and unique Dino attempts…clearly not enough With just 1 compared to the 200 to 250 dna needed…more attempts needed so there’s more chances to gain the Dino.


I mean…1 attempt is the point lmao. Just fuse it.


When the dinos are rarely out how the hell you suppose players keep the intrest to carry on playing cause it would take 24 hrs a day 7 days a week playing to get any top legendary or unique dinos and no one can do that it would take to long and players will get bored … its would make a more exciting incentive to keep players going.

I would like to see the play against AI be dropped to 15 seconds! Allot of time I actually want to play the AI and after sitting for 27 seconds and getting a live opponent is frustrating! I understand the timer is to stop spamming the AI but what is the big difference between 15 and 30 in the grand scheme of the game

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I think 1 attempt is fine, if we’re talking about more than 1 that is for sure too much. Just fuse for those creatures.

Then you’d reach the endgame in a few weeks, and then have nothing to do until the next update, after which it’d be no time before you’d complete the Dex again.

That would be kinda…boring. Grinding is meant to be a big part of the game. I promise you that you don’t have to play as much as you have stated to get all the creatures in the game. No one plays that much, yet the majority of the players on the forums have at least one Unique.

I don’t even have personal transport, I’m not a paying player, and yet I have every creature in the game but one.

It sounds like you’re just starting out with this game, so trust me when I say the going gets easier as you accumulate DNA, especially from events. It might seem like it takes way too much DNA to fuse for a Unique at first, but it won’t seem that way after a while.

And if you do get bored before you reach that stage, then this game just isn’t for you.