New Suggestions

I’m happy the devs have responded, and I understand that we’re in beta and a few different set ups are being looked at. I have a few suggestions and only one has to do with the update.

  1. Please award all three dice. Having to choose between cards and money is very hard. Especially when it costs money to run challenges. I did 4 in a row yesterday and didn’t get any money rewards, had to wait for the free chest to play again. Or award gold for dice gained and make the dice just give loot rewards. Needs a change somehow.

  2. The choice between the two hallways should mean something. Perhaps there is a way to trigger secret room, or one way is harder for better rewards. Right now picking one over the other means nothing, feels like a wasted opportunity.

  3. More campaign stuff, either let us redo levels or open up other quests. I’m stuck right now (stupid owlbears, lol) and won’t be progressing for at least a week or two which severely limits my incoming rewards; gold, equipment packs, or chests.

  4. Daily login bonus. End of the week bonus.

  5. Lareal’s quests needs a little overhaul, we only get one a day with no way to get others. For me, my next reward pack is at 500 points, I’m at 150 now, and I figure I won’t get the reward for at least 2 weeks. Perhaps 3 quests a day? Again, this feels like forever.

  6. The Red bonus dice for attacks is cool, but I don’t think when we get the Red dice bonus it should be able to miss. This is almost like rolling a Crit, then watching it whiff? Very odd mechanic.


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The 2 hallways often have different types of monsters, so you can pick the path you think you’ll have the least trouble with. For example, if your team focuses on CC though stunning, you can avoid rooms with Oozes. If your team excels at singe-target nukes, you can pick the Giant rooms. I think the 2 halls is fine as-is.

I suggest getting the Barbarien’s common Maul (which stuns with its special attack) up as high as you can, and using that on the Owlbears. If you’re lucky, they’ll never get an attack in!

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Oh, and I agree with your point #1 above.

This is already achieved though the 4-hour free chest.

Some weapons, at higher tiers, get very high special-attack chance rates, so making them auto-hit wouldn’t be very fair to the monster.
Although on that note, I’m not fond of how the rouge’s 2/3/4 dagger attacks will either all hit, or all miss: I feel like each one should have an independent chance of hitting.

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