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New Super hybrid

What do you guys think the next super hybrid

I don’t know why I keep on thinking after tapijalocelphlus came out I cannot stop thinking the next one will be ankilodocous mix with allosaurus

Id kinda like to see a common super hybrid, specifically an Alangasaurus with a more powerful creature like a legendary, because its a bit disappointing to me that the Alangasaurus is weaker then the other common hybrids

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Still we need actual Dinos we already have many hybirds and rework the classic Dinos like Dilo and Spino(make him legendary) and Triceratops one of famous Dinos in JW and JP

Yah, the only problem is that other then hybrids dinos can only get so tough, and there’s actually probably enough legendaries by now

The hybrids are never enough my friend. Never

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Respectfully, a common superhybrid would be awful. The hybrid common dinos aren’t very powerful, so if there was a common only daily event, the superhybrid would likely overpower everything badly. Just look at super rare class. Two superhybrids and the carnivore doesn’t have a good way to class advantage or take down easily aside from a comparable powered dino.


***ALANGASAURUS IS AWESOME!!!***strong text