New Super-Hybrids

I had an idea for one new Super-Hybrid which would combine Carnotaurus S-DNA with the Pachyceratops to create the Pachycerataurus, meaning Thick Horned Bull, it would be a bluish green, with hints of yellow and white. Just double the health and triple the damage, the do whatever you guys want with the coins and S-DNA requirements. Please do it, and if you do could I have one, even if it’s only level 1, I really want to get it because it was my idea.


I don’t really like hybrids but as they are in the films I accept they should be part of the game. Would rather have more proper dinos.

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@NATHAN_LEECH I think that your idea is good . Just one question , is it a carnivore or a herbivore ? I personally love hybrids and I think that they improve the experience of the game .

I had a dream about pachecephlolasaurus combine with a wired s DNA looked like diplosuchus(sorry a bout the hybrid name)

Two more hybrid ideas are the Dimetrocanipteryx, and the Diplundagosaurus. The Dimetrocanipteryx will be a Pelicanipteryx, and Dimetrodon, Superhybrid. It will have a rounder face with a saw like beak from the max evolution Pelicanipteryx. The saw like feature will be raised a lot, and provide attachment for a sail running down the spine of the Pterosaur Superhybrid. Give it small teeth that line up with the grooves on the saw thingy. The colouring can be very parrot like, with green, blue and red, with hints of orange, purple, and yellow. You guys make the stats.

Oh, sorry, I forgot, the other one, the Diplundagosaurus is a Nundagosaurs(Tuojiangosaurus, Nundasaurus) and Diplocaulus Superhybrid. It will have dermal plates that protrude from the back. It has two cauls like the Diplocaulus, and medium length legs. It will have a beak, and medium sized head.

Another idea is the Koolajiangosaurus. It will have plates coming from its back, but the plates will be almost spike like. It should have longer legs than those of the Koolasaurus, but shorter legs than say, the Kaprosuchus. It will have no beak, unlike the Tuojiangosaurus, but it will have a small thagomizer. The dorsal plates from the Tuojiangosaurus will fuse with the small crocodilian scutes from the Koolasaurus. Make the dorsal plates small on the level 1-30 creatures, then taller in the max evolution. Give it a rich green colouring, with hints of pink and purple, and light yellow plates.

I honour of the inter temporal hybrids such as Allonogmius and Glythronax, there should be one Cenozoic superhybrid that uses cenozoic S-DNA and a Jurassic hybrid, and one aquatic superhybrid that uses aquatic S-DNA with a Jurassic hybrid. Maybe the aquatic one can be the Edesticanipteryx. It is a Pelicanipteryx and Edestus hybrid. It has one row of teeth. The rest is really just the same.
Then the cenozoic superhybrid can be the Ostaptydon. It is a Glyptodon and Ostaposaurus hybrid. It has four long legs, armour, and a shorter snout. The rest is basically the same as well.

We should also have aquatic superhybrid like a Protostega and Xinathodon hybrid, called Xinathostega. Then there can be a Smithetoceras and Archaeotherium hybrid called Archaetoceras. It just an idea. These super hybrids should replace the original Cenozoic and aquatic hybrids as strongest, lowering Mammotherium to second strongest cenozoic, and Dunkleosaurus to second strongest aquatic.

If there are cenozoic and aquatic super hybrids, then there should be two of each. The Leptostega should also have a hybrid with Xiphactinus, called Leptostinus. It should be reefs, and look like Xiphactinus but with armour on the back, bony fins, and a beak like face. Then there should be an Eremotherium and Megistocurus hybrid, called Eristocurus. It would be caves, and have a sloth like body, but armoured. The head is doglike, with teeth meant for biting flesh, so it will hunt dodos. It has to caverns, as all three progenitors were.