New Super rare Amphibious creature and hybrid idea

So I was in my lab, and fell upon a suggestion in discord. One for an amphibious super rare hybrid, and I created it, along with a new creature. First, Rhamphosuchus.
Here are some stats:
Level 10: 231 Health and 90 Attack
Level 20: 386 Health and 145 Attack
Level 30: 579 Health and 230 Attack
Level 40: 807 Health and 316 Attack

And now for it’s hybrid, which Rhamphosuchus was mixed with Corythosaurus. Here are the stats.

Level 10: 951 Health and 274 Attack
Level 20: 1,653 Health and 473 Attack
Level 30: 2,467 Health and 768 Attack
Level 40: 3,506 Health and 1,056 Attack

Leave your thoughts down below!


c,r,sr,l,vip, or t?

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Super rare

:+1: thank you!
i can get more new sr s!

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This is just an idea, it would need to be coded in, which takes a lot of work to do

i kno
i just really support this
bc a lot of new dinos are some sort of legendary (or vip or tournament)
so a new super rare would be super amazing


As long as it gets an unlock day, I’m ok with it.


Love the idea! We’re gonna handle the OLD F.A person like Corythosaurus, Aerotitan and Scaphognathus etc…! How could the (Corythosaurus + Rhamphosuchus) looks like? A Longleg croc? With a Crest and spine from Corytho? Sounded lovely!


Yes actually. That was the idea for the looks.