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New superhybrid idea

I was thinking about a new superhybrid

Rarity: Rare
Animations: Big pteros (Quetz)

Genetic make-up

  • Pachyceratops - Lv 40
  • Zhejiangopterus DNA - 1500


  • Lv 10

    • Health: 2258
    • Attack: 1115
  • Facts: The enormous head of this pterosaurus is only used for sexual display and not for headbutting for dominance like his parents

  • Lv 20

    • Health: 2989
    • Attack: 1561
  • Facts: This pterosaurus is a gentle giant, measuring 13 meters (42,5 feet) and only feeding on berries

  • Lv 30

    • Health: 3679
    • Attack: 1889
  • Facts: This pterosaurus swallow gastrolitis instead of munching the food in a very similar way to the big sauropods

  • Lv 40

    • Health: 4520
    • Attack: 2231
  • Facts: The back of this azhdarchidae is very heavy due to the fused plates from his parent, but the force produced by his wing more than enough to make it fly


Tell me what you all think

Not bad


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The Rarity will not work, since Pachyceratops is Rare, the superhybrid must be too,or Tapejalocephalus would be super rare. Also the fact that it only costs 1000 to create would mean it will cost at the max 500(1000 would be fine as the purchase cost after purchasing the first one,but even the weakest superhybrid costs 1500 to create) , also the stats-all the creatures have a fixed jump from level 10 to 20 and of such from a specific level to another,it’s different for Superhybrids as well

Hope you take these into account the next time

Whoops, you right

Diplosuchus is the cheapest superhybrid at 660 sDNA

Fixed everything

If it’s a superhybrid it would be much better at level 10/20. For example a indoraptor has 5000 health already at level 10 and it only has 10,000 hp maxed.

Ohhhhhh, ok I will change a Little bit the stats

I meant 1500 to fuse.

Ok, Fixed everything

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