New superhybrid polls

I have a lot ideas for superhbyrids,so I will take polls to see which hybrids you guys want to see most have their own superhybrids.

  • Meiogaia (Megalogaia + Meiolania)
  • Ornithodracon (Kelenken + Dracoceratops)
  • Dracosuchus (Postosuchus + Alankylosaurus)
  • Phoruseratops (Phorusaura + Nasutoceratops)
  • Ankentrocodon (Ankylocodon + Kentrosaurus)
  • Dsunganosaurus (Dsungaia + Ouranosaurus)
  • Skoolabasilisk (Skoolasaurus + Titanoboa gen 2)
  • Brahidactylus (Dimodactylus + Diplodocus)
  • Smilodominus (Smilodon + Indominus Rex gen 2)
  • Constrictonator (Diplovenator + Titanoboa)
  • Megalasmus (Megalosaurus + Brontosaurus)
  • Keratocodon (Keratoporcus + Ophiacodon)
  • Erlithomimus (Erlikosaurus + Procerathomimus)
  • Entilodon (Entelomoth + Smilodon)

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Erlithomimus sounds call. And I’d love for the Lava Wyvern to get a superhyrid!

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Sorry. I didn’t specify enough. When it says Smilodominus, it is just because Indominus Rex has the Erlidominus as a second hybrid, so why can’t the Indominus Rex gen 2 have a second one.

Once the vote is out, the top three will be released with their moves, general descriptions, statistics, and rarities.

Sorry, it says Megalasmus, but with Brontosaurus. It should say Brontolasmus.

I am surprised that Brahidactylus and Erlithomimus are doing so badly, considering that they are the most talked about hybrids, and perhaps the hybrids with the most wanted superhybrids, after Mammotherium, but with the new update, it now has one.

By the way, who hates Mammolania. It looks like a cool idea, until you see the tiny shell on the back. It looks comical, not at all cool like it should look. The shell must be bigger.

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The official winners of this 2 week long poll are Dracosuchus, Smilodominus, and Skoolabasilisk. By Wednesday, I will have a description and proposed static’s for each of them. We might have polls to determine the stats, and we will definitely have a poll for which one people most want. First of all, who wants one of the hybrids to have a different superhybrid with a different creature.

  • Me
  • Not me

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If any one wants a different creature for the new superhybrids, please vote Me. If you guys like the proposed superhybrids, then vote Not Me, or just don’t vote at all. By this Tuesday, the poll for this will close, and then we will make the superhybrids.

Oh gosh, I voted too hastily. Please ignore my vote if possible. I vote Not Me.

ok, i will subtract one vote for Me, if I understand it right. And what is the Lava Wyvern? That isn’t a thing. And it is only the top three dinosaurs, which I have now announced as Smilodominus, Skoolabasilisk, and Dracosuchus.

You’re asking me about a Lava Wyvern? I have no idea what that is.

You can hit the “show vote" button and re enter the correct vote :wink:

Draw some pictures