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New superhybrid Tapejalocephalus

What do you think of this one?
He is only slightly stronger than his base dino. I am sceptical if he is worth the efforts.


Remember the cool-down time and after you get the first one, the rest are basically free

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Yes, but is this worth sacrificing my Tapejalosaurus I already have.
I’m sure that I will do it in the end but I’m not looking forward to this new one.

Yes I agree with you @Tommi, it makes me wonder if the stats are incorrect like with the Spinotasuchus when it first came out.

I will also probably do it as a collector but since the level 40 is only slightly better (if the stats are correct) than the level 40 base Dino it will nerf my rare line up as soon as I make it (it will be level 10 for a long time) as it will have to get all the way back to the level 40 super hybrid before it is as useful as the level 40 base dino.

The super hybrid should have at least 2000+ attack and 5,000+ health at level 40 to make it on par with the scaling of the other Super Hybrids.


Ludia you need to switch out the SDNA on the PvP MOD prize wheels

Should at least add the Kaprosuchus SDNA to it since that has been unavailable for some time.


It is going to take a while before we have enough SDNA to evolve it. Parallel I will start now to create a new lvl 40 Tapejalosaurus to be ready when the time comes.
Like you I need it for my super rare lineup.

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It’s official. Ludia devs hate Pterosaurs :joy:
I do hope those stats are incorrect, like Spinota when it first came out.

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This is very disappointing…

One would expect the superhybrid should be a next step in evolution and expectedly the stats of level 10 would be just below level 40 of tapejalosaurus. Also tapejalosaurus is not far from stegoceratops statwise so why didn’t ludia give us something similar to monostegotops here?

Hopefully they will adjust the stats otherwise it doesn’t seem worthy…

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Hey @Ned, are these stats correct? Does not seem like a super hybrid with these stats?


Couple of days ago i contacted support about this. Poor thing’s pretty much useless as it is right now.
What’s this game’s problem with Pterosaurs?


Hey NorDreadful, our team is aware of the feedback regarding Tapejalocephalus, and we would like to thank everyone for their input!


Thanks @Ned, waiting for your positive feedback and a real super hybrid :slight_smile:

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I hope they do NOT switch out the sDNA in the modded PvP, at least not unless they are going to fix the stats. I would FAR rather collect the sDNA for the super hybrids that actually are really WORTH having. Really bummed at my daily sDNA being nerfed for this pathetic excuse for a ptero. What were they thinking??

Hi, I’ve seen that the stats of this pterosaur had been increased. Can somebody give me its stats at level 10 now?

In this thread: Tapejalocephalus

Thank you very much👍

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Haha, yeah thankfully they did greatly improve the stats. I no longer mind getting s-DNA for it!

The spreadsheet of game data is always a good place to get that information as well without having to track down a specific thread.