New Supply Drops!?


Not sure if they are randomly dropping supply drops or I play so much at the house, but a new supply drop is now in front of my house! Thank you! Endless darts now.


Lucky you! Wish I’d have one near my house :frowning:


Lucky… They added one outside my house and now it’s been removed… I’m actually super salty about it


Oh, so they are adding and removing!? Interesting… do you live in a gated community?


Nope, not a gated community


Same here. I got one closer, not in range, but closer to my house yesterday and then boom! It was gone and now another house in our neighborhood got its third supply drop… why?


Yep same here new supply drop has appeared, much appreciated for a rural player…


I reckon ive got about 20% extra supply drops near me in a rural area. However less dinos standing around but more popping up as you walk over them.


Me too. I’m very lucky I have at least 10 supply drops with in a 5 min walk from my house.


I played daily since global release. After the first week this supply drop appeared in front of my house, just out of range from my couch but it’s there :slight_smile:


I have one supply box in front of my house too!