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New Survey and 1.6 Teaser Metahub


There’s a new survey out in addition to the new dinosaur teaser!

Check out our coverage here! What do you think these new dinos will be?

New survey about Tournaments

New survey…?


about the tournaments and seasons being opt in, shorter/longer, ending with your topscore not your current etc… all great ideas

seems they may lean towards pvp style for seasons. that means they are listening


Reread their quote… they dont say anything about seasons being opt in… just the new tournaments.

This sounds like their fully adopting clash royales season/tournaments rather then the current version we have. Which is still a huge improvement.

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whats the difference? serious question i thought they were the same

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Seasons are what we currently have and last for an extended period of time…

Tournaments are new opt in events that go on for a much shorter period

As in their quote they intend for the two systems to coexist.

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just clicked the link and saw this aswell thanks.


What hints to any of them being based on the highest (not current) score?


Im looking at clash since they have borrowed so heavily from them in the past for what their tournament structure will be like and i think they are going to be like the new global tournaments clash has… where there are two tiers of rewards… similar to fortnite… there is a bracket of rewards you can earn for free… and another bracket you would have to pay a hard cash free to recieve the rewards from.


I feel like once they can move the most generous rewards to these new tournaments. seasons rewards will be dialed back some…and at that point highest rank earned will be adopted.

Eventually, could be 2-3 patches from now.


They also mention it in the survey… with a question how quickly would you like for them to adopt this change. I picked before they start working on tournaments

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In game under your profile. Make sure your voices are heard since they don’t seem to read their forums or Reddit.