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New Swap OUT Move to think about

Today I was thinking how cool would a swap out ability be? My thought came to me when I wished there was a way to swap into a dino with like half health, but the dino you just swapped out heals the new dino.
For instance, if Postimetridon had swap out heal and you had Thor your bench with half health, then you could swap in to Thor and Posti would heal him (maybe 25%?)

It would allow for a little more flexibility to swap out of an unfavorable matchup and give you a fighting chance at the end of battles.

Anyone else think if other swap moves that could be useful for swapping out?

Swap in with Cloak??

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To be fair, I think any swap-out move should shock your opponent enough that they automatically lose 33% of their original health.

I know this isn’t what you’re talking about, but I wish Posti’s regeneration could stack on top of full health. That would make it a better dino for sure.


:sunglasses: @TheMaxx something like:


Now I get to see indominus heal health.
I don’t exactly like this idea, but if I say I dont, I’m gonna get flagged.
Cool idea.

In our datamines, we found force-swap moves. I’m much more interested in those.

Imagine something comes in and “roars” forcing your dino to swap even though you had a good matchup. A move like that is in the code. :slight_smile:

Now just imagine, what swaps IN is a Draco Gen 2 and you get blasted in the face with 2x DSR. :smiley:



what if its done to a dino that has been pinned or just swapped in and is locked for 1-2 turns?

No idea. :smiley: I would think they’re locked if they’re locked. But it’d be craaazy

Im hyped to see what 1.6 datamine brings out, carno hybrid pls

I really hope something like that never happens. That is a terrible idea as it takes away a player’s control over their own team.

Hardly. It would no doubt be a move with a cooldown and not every dino would possess it, plus you could counter it a lot easier than Dg2 and it doesn’t even do damage.

Predicting it, swap to the dino to the left of your dino and watch your opponent roar and swap you back into that great matchup

Swap-out moves are a good idea. Swap-out distraction. Swap-out slow. Swap-out stun or a Swap-out remove positive affects.