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New Tapjoy scam?

Why is Tapjoy allowed to scam people constantly? This is what I see when i try to request the cash for an offer that has been completed for at least 2 weeks. They owe me nearly 30k cash for JWA. That’s how much they have not paid me for all of the offers i have completed. Why isn’t there a 3rd party that oversees the payouts? Tapjoy should not be allowed to do this kind of stuff. This is the only way to contact them and now they have it blocked. I have not submitted a ticket to them for a couple months so there’s no reason i should be maxed out on requesting tickets. The same thing happened on my girlfriend’s account last night. This is just pathetic.


They owe me thousands as well. Can’t believe they can just scam us like that


Tapjoy is just a complete disaster of a system. Part of me doesn’t even mind too much that Apple lost their access to game offers.


They refused to pay me because I submitted tickets for 2 different games in the same day. They said I submitted too many tickets.

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Only once needed to submit a ticket. After that I learned that for games is safest to log in with facebook. Since then I always got rewards.

Don’t do quizes and other offers.

This is what ultimately stopped me with using tapjoy wasting hours of time then having to submit a ticket for like every other offer to get the hc payout.

According to the article i read about when apple started enforcing their policies some developers make up to 6 figures daily from tapjoy… so their are huge amounts of cash changing hands… with tapjoy seems counterintuitive to make people fight for every offer when us doing the offers is what generates this money stream and when people like me grow tired of fighting with them its a loss of revenue. But apparently they are more intrested in scaming the next sucker.

You’ve hit the maxx :crazy_face: number of tickets

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Don’t take it all out on tapjoy, blame also goes to the advertiser of whatever offer you completed. They do not give credit to tapjoy so tapjoy does not know you completed the offer. They do reach out to these advertisers and some are better than others at responding and giving credit. If tapjoy doesn’t get paid then you probably won’t get credit for the offer. Not sure why they have a limit of tickets though that seems really odd.

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I have completed Tapjoy offers totalling over 20k dino bucks, in August alone, so I definitely wouldn’t call it a scam.

Never had a single issue which they didn’t fix after contacting their support.

Same issue for me tonight…

Same here. I’m unable to open any tickets as I always get that message. So frustrating.

I value my phone far too much to tap on things like these offers. You might as well tap on the video you’re in that your friend found and sent you on messenger.

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I can understand your concerns, and if you do some research you will find it completely safe.

With an android device, you can control everything yourself, check the permissions the app requires, and do anti-virus checks if you want to.

I’m of course talking about the games, not the surveys.

The surveys are basically information collection.

That information is then sold to a third party (maybe multiple) .

Telemarketing calls appear, ads etc etc.

The Tapjoy surveys may be comparable to your analogy with messenger spam, and I wouldn’t do them either,

but the Tapjoy games are Google Play verified, and just needs a Google Play/Facebook login.

Completely safe?

I’m in.

Do you accept full responsibility for your statement? (My identity, you said is safe)

Messenger spam? That’s not what happens. What happens is you give your Facebook password and login to shady actors and find you have lost control of your account.

Haha wow. You used the messenger spam analogy, don’t twist it to “that’s not what happens”.

I know very well what happens because I have done extensive research on this topic.

And what you say here, is just fear-mongering.

You know that Facebook, amongst others, sells your information too?

Big brother is watching…

Enjoy the crazy train :slight_smile:

Cool beans bro.

Glad to hear the facebook “is this you” video is just spam and safe to open.

You do your thing, I’ll do mine. I’m going to pass.

I used to remove virus’ and apps that hogged memory from consumer electronics, and made a lot of money off folks that liked clicking on things. Tapjoy itself safe? Probably. All those offers they have, not completely under the control of Tapjoy?.. you are downloading code to your device and running it.

Here’s what we know about Tapjoy;

  1. They make money by artificially inflating game rankings.
  2. They have issues paying out.

That does not sound like an entirely reputable, trustworthy company to me.

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If you can’t spot the differences between messenger spam, and Google Play verified games.

Then you have a problem.

I just want to stop misinformation.

Because there some players out there who would like free HC, and Tapjoy games could make you a quick 20k HC in a month.

But you’ll do you I guess.

I’m having same issue…getting the 0 error message ticket when I haven’t submitted any tickets. Has anybody gotten a resolution to this from either Tapjoy or Ludia?

Hey DPG members, if you’re still having trouble after reaching out to Tapjoy, please do not hesitate to contact our support team here at with your support key, and the email address you used to contact Tapjoy along with your Tapjoy ticket number. Thanks!


@Ned the issue is that you can’t even create a support ticket right now. When you try to contact Tapjoy to create a support ticket, it says ‘sorry but you have reached our daily limit for ticket submissions. Please wait 0 hours to submit another ticket.’ And that message appears even if you haven’t sent any tickets in prior to that offer.

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