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New tapjoy scam

Now when I go to submit a support request I get request failed check your internet. Absolutely nothing wrong with my internet and I don’t have an ad blocker as it also says!

Is anyone else having issues submitting support requests? Perhaps it’s a temporary issue!

All I can say is I’m glad the offer I’m having problems with is something I actually wanted to buy!

Yes, had multiple failed attempts.
After the fourth try it went through.

Still waiting on what should have been a simple reward.

Ok I will try 4 times lol

Up to my 8 try! This is total BS! It’s a shame that Ludia will do absolutely nothing about it!

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Contact in-game support and show them screenshots they can help you out, have helped me in the past.

I stopped using Tapjoy mid-2019 because of the number of times I got zero in return for following the rules. I got curious in December, loaded a game and followed the instructions. I was supposed to get a reward at something like level 15 am now on level 146 and zero reward (and am reaching a point where I’ll probably delete it because without paying real money it’s become unbeatable). The same day I downloaded another game, was supposed to get a reward at level 21 but even following all the rules and getting up to level 170-something, got zero reward but TONS of commercials. That app has already been deleted; I’ll see if things have improved in another 3-6 months but right now I have to say Tapjoy is a SCAM through and through.

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I am thinking that in my situation the reward will be issued when the purchase is shipped. But if not I will be upset but nothing I can do about it. I doubt if Ludia support will do anything! A lesson learned! If you do anything with tapjoy only do things that you would have wanted if there was no tapjoy and if you get the reward great if not sei la vie! The problem is allot of people are signing up for things they don’t want or are hard to cancel trials and get stuck if they don’t get the reward!

I only sign up for free trials that are associated with the App Store so cancellation is easy!

I avoid like the plague any of the use this app and get to level X as you can go through allot of BS and get nothing!

I might sign up for a subscription service but only one that I really want to use!

All in all tapjoy has given me allot of HC so I really cannot complain too much!

I just got perturbed :triumph: when I could not send in a report

FYI I contacted the company that I did the offer with! That is also an option!

Nope nothing works! Ludia needs to stop doing business with tapjoy since they now offer NO SUPPORT at all.