New Taunt bug

Just after Ludia corrected the Tommus taunt bug. Now Raila (barbsrian) now has one. Just had PvP. Railia used Taunt, only to have every member of opposing team ignore it and attack any member they choose. What’s up now Ludia?

Hey wise1_forsure, do you have more information on the specific hero or ability that was used by the opposing team? I would be happy to forward it to our team so they can take a closer look.

Hi Ned, I mentioned Riaka the barbarisn used Taunt and the other team was still able to attack all members. To clarify. My team all in a single row, their team used both melee and ranged attacks. No reason or rationale for this. I went through this before with Tommus’ Taunt bug before it was finally admitted as a bug.

I had it happen today, too. I thought I was seeing things and when Barbie’s turn came up confirmed that Taunt was still up. Glad to see I wasn’t crazy!