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New teaser 1.12 {Snuggle up}

I was hoping for notes today, not for this…


notes typically go up on a friday. We have the weekend for hype. then mon. or tuesday they go into update mode.


Snuggle up? That better not be its signature move. Snuggle up… What is this? Pokemon? Who does this snake think it is? Mimikyu?


Constrict would have worked better, but lol snuggling snake.


So probably tomorrow… I just can’t wait to see Procerat and Indo G2 nerfed (ofc only if Ludia listened to the survey)


I don’t believe the release notes are tomorrow. They usually show at least 3 teasers!


Looks like we are getting release notes tomorrow.
Damn, still long way from Monolorhino.


I’m quite surprised this update is coming that fast. Last one was early December so I expect the next one will be in February.


So cause they should the second one for 1.11 then bam patch notes

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1.11 had 3 teasers (Pterosaurus in sanctuary);(Alliance Leaderbords) and (New 3 Cenozoics)

And 1.12 still have 2 …


Alliance leaderboards? Oh yeah I remember… wait…


Ok the notes are either coming up tomorrow or next Friday. Either way THE HYPE IS REAL! Dilophoboa is amazing imo, very unpopular opinion.

But know what’s important? Heh. The SURVEY.

Procerathomimus is getting the justice it finally deserved after 6 updates of being broken. I can’t wait for it to get pounded and nerfed right into the ground.

Dracoceratops is gonna hopefully lose its regeneration for an attack. Honestly I just want it to become a budget utarinex.

Cautious Strike is gonna get its nerf soon aswell. I know it’s losing a lot of stuff… I want it to just be Dodge, distract and percise.

And maxima… the rework is gonna be nice. Hopefully it will be good, but not overpowered.


Uhh well…

  1. Titanoboa
  2. Dilophoboa
  3. Megalogaia
  4. This one? I’m not sure if this counts.

Yea we’ve got some teasers. Hopefully they release soon.


Procera probley won’t be as destroyed as you think or hope… It will lose distracting rampage for impact and some health… But it will still be worthy in the arena…

If not they best make monomimus great again…

Maxima is fine as is… Probley lose some health though if its being reworked…

Draco may get swop in bleed… I know quite a few asked for that…


Max is fine now. It’s powerful in 1v1, but can be easily revenge killed.


They can squeeze in third teaser tomorrow. Release notes wasn’t always at reset. Sometimes were up two hours later. That’s plenty of time for a teaser. Though they changed patterns before.

I think there is more behind so fast 1.12 release. One reason is Proceratho, Indo g2 and Ardentis balancing. Though main reason are probably boosts. Fact that they sold them more than a month, shows how desperate they are.

At start of 1.0 they sold a lot of boosts, but then hit the wall when most players stopped boosting their team dinos. So they needed reset, that they can make more money selling them. Though they faced difficulties from start. High cost for one tier stopped many from start. Later some fall for boosts, cause others forced them with crutches (overboosted dinos). Though they sold way less than in 1.0. So eventually they sold boost more frequently, until they were in shop constantly. Many give up or run out of money, constantly buying boosts, so only those with “limitless” resources remained. Suspecting that boost sales are same or even lower than at 1.0 end, so they need another reset.



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There is a lot of room between nerfing procera and destroying it.
If we get the pre 1.10 health boosted procera back im 100% fine with it.
It can be a strong epic hybrid and thats ok. But outclassing most of our hard to level uniques as epic is just wrong.


Hoping for an hybrid out of dc and procera :joy::joy:

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don’t give them any ideas. :joy: