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New theory for CC? (WARNING, SPOILERS)

if you have not seen Camp Cretaceous yet, visit this topic once you have finished the series

(Not really in-game related, but could be a component for the in-game creature no doubt coming soon)
I was thinking, and this came to my head. E750 seems to be a failed Indoraptor experiment. We are all aware that Wu was involved in the creation of the Indoraptor, but what If he had already experimented and created a “Early” protptype or precursor to the Indoraptor? The creature as shown in Camp Cretaceous, features many things that make it strikingly similar to the Indoraptor. The infrared vision, for a first, they both share. The sickle claw and black coloration, They both share. Quills and armor plating on the back, they both share. The 2 creatures also share the same build of their bodies. What if one for the game was to be made from indominus and some strange sdna? I guess we’ll see, but be assured, we will be seeing the Scorpius Rex in game soon.

There’s a thread

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Screenshot 2021-05-21 1.07.44 PM
The first picture is Scorpius, Second is Indoraptor. See the similarities?

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your’s is a thread that discusses season 3. Mine is a theory between indoraptor and scorpius. These 2 threads are different.

But yours is also about season 3

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Yes, but a different part. Mine focuses on a single part of it, yours focuses on the entire thing.

Multiple threads are allowed to exist on similar subjects.

But I created that thread for everything related to it.

Pls do not mistake this for an argument

This really doesn’t matter as much as you’re acting like it does.

Another factor that suggests it might be an early prototype is the mentioning to Eli Mills in Episode 9.

the dinosaur on the boat at the end of ep.3 is confirmed to be monolophosaurus
a stowaway :wink: