New tier list?

Anyone else ready to see the 1.8 tier list?

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Personally, I would prefer if there wasnt one!

Let people choose whatever they want, that tier list works in people’s minds to subconsciously make them always lean towards those dinos just because they’re stronger, faster, etc…

I’m not sure everyone would agree with my opinion, but I think it would make the game and also the teams people decide to go with much healthier and diverse, leading to a lot more fun for everyone :slight_smile:

@MNBrian what are your thoughts on this idea of you guys at GamePress not releasing a tier list this time around?



I can see that side as well, the boosts kinda make it to where some of us that dont spend 100’s on a game to b more strategic lol

Not muc more annoying then spending weeks or months to get a certain dino of ur liking only to find either it doesn’t make the cut or ludia nerfs it on a update lol

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It’s an interesting thought. Honestly, the tier list gets very hotly debated, and other players create their own tier lists at the same time, completely disagreeing with ours. I’ve seen a whole lot of tier lists released in various places for JWA so I’m not sure that us not having one would stop that much. I think another source or individual making one would likely just be the thing people find when they google JWA tier list and you’d have the same result.

Thankfully, since we’ve incorporated a massive battle simulator, our tier lists have been really strong – usually based on 6000-9000 battles all coming out with certain results consistently. We’ve been pretty proud of our tier list lately. :slight_smile:

So we’ll probably still do one. It’s just something that you see in almost every game. Someone always makes one. It always influences people. And people find counters to the common setups (especially in competitive play).


@MNBrian I respect that :slight_smile: and also agree with both points that others will end up making one and also that the ones you guys make are very accurate and do help. :+1::sweat_smile:

I am just trying to think of ways for there to be more diversity in game, I know it’s difficult given some dinos are in fact much stronger, but hopefully over time we will have more balance and diversity, as it seems like we are going on that path with this patch…


@MNBrian thx for the info. Just wanted to start my first thread lol

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I like a tier list for a couple reasons. I think it tremendously helps out newer players for one. I also think that it opens your eye to a Dino that you may not have noticed, or undervalued.

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