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New Titanoboa expansion update!?

I love that there is finally a Titanoboa, and a gen 2 one as well. But I’m not so keen on the looks of the Dilophoboa and Spinoconstrictor hybrids. I thought maybe you could have a Titanoboa gen 2 and Diplocaulus gen 2 hybrid called Titanocaulus. It can have the Diplocaulus head with a snake body, plus a short spinal sail with more colour. And if you added a Concavenator gen 2 to the game as either a common or rare, then you could have a Titanocaulus and Concavenator gen 2 superhybrid called Constrictonator. It would have a large head with the Diplocaulus cauls and the Concavenator teeth. Then it would have some Concavenator humps with the spinal sail from the Diplocaulus in the Titanocaulus. It will inherit wolves from both creatures, and the moves inherited from the Titanocaulus will be inherited from the Diplocaulus gen 2 and Titanoboa gen 2. Make it the Titanocaulus epic and the Constrictonator legendary.


I was so excited to learn that they added two four new Non-Dinosaur hybrids with the Titanoboa update, but I’m not liking some things. For one, the Entelomoth needs a different profile pic. It looks like he’s wearing one of those tiny hats that is all weird. It needs to have a more realistic profile pic that makes it look cool, not ugly. Also, can you move the shoulder spikes on the megalogaia farther forwards and downwards so they aren’t so close to the antlers, you can barely see the like that, and maybe give the Megalogaia a longer tail with Thagomizers on it from the Mirigaia. That’s it, I hope you take these suggestions.

Or you know what, you could just make a Titanoboa gen 2 and Diplovenator(Diplocaulus gen 2 and Concavenator) superhybrid, but then it would be unique.

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