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New to forums need help with my team

Hello. I’m new to the forums and I’ve been playing JWA for a few months now. I’m currently in low aviary and I’m having lots of trouble winning matches. Can anyone please make some suggestions for my team? I have a few boost on most every current member but nothing is heavy boosted.


Swap Grypo for Indo… that 1 is a no brainer. I hate to admit it because I love Erl but Smiley may be a better option in the current meta

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You have a lot of speed dinosaurs which makes you very vulnerable to Resistant creatures who can take a hit, slow you down, then hit you dead.
Remove Indoraptor. Swap for Grypo.
Drop Erlidomimus Swap for Dracoceratops.
When your Nemys gets a little higher level swap it for Magna Pyritor.

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Ok so I have swapped in grypo and smilo for erlidominus and indoraptor. I still struggle with grypo. Maybe I just don’t know how to use him but it just seems every time I swap him in he can’t take enough damage off anyone because they either use cunning strike or have resistance to rend. So his already little damage becomes even smaller. Smilo does great one time then just goes out with one hit another. Again maybe I don’t know how to use him either. I’ve considered putting dracocerato in for swap in and his new rampage move. He also has speed immune now. Any help would be appreciated

Grypo is best played as a trapper, swapping into tanks like Dio, it also can beat Lux and Magnus if boosted right. Don’t swap it in on cunnings tho, the heat Grypo up