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New To Forums. Video and Endgame Team to share

I played the game before it was released for android and quit around the pterosaur update, I’ve been back for what I think has been 3 months. Mostly just an introduction of myself. I joined the forums to be part of the community To make things interesting, here’s a video I uploaded today. (Not sure if it showed it or sent a link to the channel.) Also an endgame team I’m thinking of. Let me know what you think.

Endgame Team

Cornibus,Indo,and Spyx for endgame? Not the best choices but very interesting! Oh and welcome to the forums!

Welcome to the forums hopefully you’ll enjoy it same about your return in the game

About your dream team it’s pretty good but Spyx, OG Indo and Cornibus aren’t recommended

Usually people would rather to have Indo g2, Indom g2, Magna, Tryko and other creatures

Check the tierlist made by gamepress to see wich creatures are more viable in the end game

Also the appli JWA Field guide is very helpful