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New to JWA

I mean local 2, raja is spawning in it.

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Unlocked this beauty today thanks to the Alliance. :heart_eyes:

I’ve always been fond of Spinosaurus and the Gen 2 versions of it on JWA and JWTG are so beautiful!


That’s actually a really good shot of spino g2.

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I got the unique deer thanks to my alliance

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A few weeks ago i unlocked the Nightmare Chicken,She helped me climb back to Estate with Indoraptor.


Nice!! :+1:


Had a spree today. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Saw a Spinotahraptor spawning out of range and was wondering how far I could be from it… When I checked I realised that both components are sitting idle since such a long time with more than enough DNA on both. So I did the honors… :woozy_face:


Wait spino spawns? Never knew! Other than that,keep using whino as it’s op. Stygi for the impact,meh,Ornitho does the job better.

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