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New to JWTG

Hey guys, I need advice for this game. I have played it a long time ago (like at launch, but only for a week or two) and need advice on how to play. I have played JWA but obviously, these two games are very different. Are there any dinos I should prioritize trying to get? What should I do with VIP Points, Bucks, Food, DNA, and coins? Should I organize my island? All I have right now is Majungasaurus and Triceratops.

Any advice is very helpful!


(Btw hi Fury if you read this)

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read all of the links in this thread:

once you finish reading all of it a few weeks from now, we will be ready for any detailed specific questions you have :wink:

any thread that is older than 3 months do not post in it (you will get flagged for Necro Posting) and you will need to create a new thread or you can link to the old thread in this thread with your question about that thread.


Thanks so much!


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Just focus on completing all of the events, a team of Dino’s at the same strength and leveling up your park.

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