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New to raids

Interested in exploring this element of the game, not really sure how it works. Am not vip so am grinding through heavy playing (coins permitting!). Currently player level 7, recently started the battles & have a little short of 300 points so far, have 1 level 13 Dino & several @ level 10/ 11. Hit me up if I sound useful.

Have you unlocked raids yet? You do so by playing up to a certain chapter in the campaign (I forgot which).

If you are in an alliance, they usually do raids and will invite you to them. Are you in an alliance? If not, you can join mine, but we only accept members who have Discord.

If you want to explore raids, which I highly recommend for dna, alliance missions and socialization, discord is essential. You can download the app anywhere, I presume. If Harlequin’s alliance is on discord, they’d be a good alliance to join. Discord brings a whole new level of organization and teamwork to this game. Don’t be on an alliance that doesn’t use discord. Alliances post the strategies to use to beat the raids, so that way you can figure out if you’re able to do any of them right now. I bet you can at least do a couple, but it will become easier and easier until you can eventually do any raid pretty easily. Just keep truckin along :muscle: