New to the game (my thread)

Well I’ve just got to level 30 and unlocked The Velociraptor pen. I got around 1000 Dino bucks for doing the training battles. But what exactly is that pen for?.

The pen is used to purchase MODs. I think you should see modded aquatic/land PvPs now.

Mods adds boosts stats etc. you can press and hold the mod to read description.


I would advise against spending a lot of Dinobucks on fancy Mods, especially early on. Learn to use the coin Mods and go from there. Once you have a higher level of Dinobucks, then revisit buying the Super-rare and Legendary Mods


I just started getting as many (not a lot) Legendary MODs as I could as soon as i had more than a hundred DBs. I currently have roundabout 250-ish DBs. I’m POOR. :frowning:

Quest at the moment is to have 10 dinosaurs at level 40. I have 7, this will be a long quest.

Use the triceratops… cheapest in the game, and quick moneymakers


How many of each dinosaurs do you have in each paddock? Should I be hatching as many as possible.

Depends on your goals… I tend to hatch everything I get, not selling any dinosaur… but different goals --> different play styles.

It’s just that my next quest is to have 100 dinosaurs. I’m only on 42, so I was just gonna hatch all the quick dinos and fill my pens.

Full paddocks mean more coins… more coins mean more choices or freedom to play. I make sure always my 4 hatching pods are full… in the first only ones with short hatching times. Except for the night, when I put in a super rare. The other pods are always full with multi day hatches. Preferably with the same hatching time.

What is the dominator league I’m hearing about.

Basicely is a division inside the tournament.
Not sure if you are able to play in the tournament, but if you do, there are some divisions. The top one is dominator, it gives you the main prize which is a pack with a tournament VIP dino and coins/DB/DNA.
Then you have predator which is the second division, and gives you two copies of a legendary dino and coins/DB/DNA.
You have lower divisions but I actually dont know their names ahah. The prizes are worse of course but equivalent for your lvl.
For example, the one under Predator gives you a super rare dino, then the division under that one gives you rare dino.
To finish in Dominator you need some good dinos in good quantity.

Tournament Leagues
Hatchling - Mystery or VIP Mystery Pack
Prey - Common Pack
Survivor - Rare Twins Pack
Hunter - Super-rare Twins Pack
Predator - Legendary Twins Pack
Dominator - featured creature pack (includes an unlock for the creature except in VIP tournaments)


Thanks guys.

I spoke to someone on here aswell that said grind away at the PVP events, but how when every time you battle it costs 5 DB.

Grinding in PVP will yield a dino buck profit over time. I had a 200 dino buck prize today. The PvP rewards may not seem like much, and it’s easy to get discouraged by coin/food prizes. However, after 8-10 wins you usually have a profit going. Many watch the advertisements (when available) instead of the 5 buck match fee. Always do the second spin!

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Your on the right path! Keep up da good work

When I try to re-spin sometimes it says no content available.

Always or sometimes?

Sometimes. Like today it says no content.

That seems to be a current bug that a lot of us are running into. I would definitely not do the 5 DB matches until that gets fixed if you are short on DBs to spend, but you can at least still do the free ad watches, as annoying as it is when they keep bombing out due to the bug. In my case, it often crashes the game too but at least it doesn’t seem to put your dinos in cooldown so if you keep trying eventually you will get the match done.