New to the game need advice


I just started this game this week and I was wondering what are something you guys have done in the past to help you out with levels and what are some Dino’s to focus on when making your team for arena any tip will help please and thank you


Here’s a great article on this exact subject. :slight_smile:


Thanks you so much for that information!


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I’d add advice to dart away and store up DNA even if you don’t plan on leveling up the dino (don’t level up everything, the coin cost will start to add up and you will need a lot of coins as you progress). You never know what dino might be needed for a newly released hybrid. Then you’ll be kicking yourself for all the times you ignored that “dino I don’t need”.

Please and thank you.


Lol thank you! For both the tip and the compliment lol


The best advice is don’t spend any money on this game. It will not be worth it unless you have thousands of dollars to waste


Dont overlevel dinos until the hybrid cap, even a epic or legebdary what today you thing is op, tomorrow you will regret for waste that dna instead of create better hybris.
And only waste money on coins, you will need thousands and thousands to have a top team in the future