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New toon event

I would like to say thank you for the opportunity to get Jaraxel. I am sorry to say it will not be possible. The auto scaling for this makes it impossible to move forward. I am one of the players that made the huge mistake of leveling his tools not his gear. My main tools all have gear 19 to 20. But I am completely destroyed in the first room fighting monsters that one shot even Thomas I have no chance. If you could please scale back a little on the leveling difficulty it would be appreciated thank you and a nice day

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I’m also very disappointed to see that only VIP members have access to the last stage to receive Jarlaxle as a hero.

Have to pay to get him.


If it helps any… As someone who has him I’ll say his uses are somewhat limited and you lose a turn just to activate each of his items. Hat, Epic chest, etc. none of them are start of turn items.

Edited. Yes his wondrous items are start of turn. Before someone corrects me :wink: But that’s it.

Agreed, it is extremely difficult. I am level 20, have level 13-14 toons with level 11-15 gear, Saar, Shev, Tom, and Hal and I barely made it through the Anvil level. I then realized you still have to pay 100 gems to start the second level, then presumably more for level 3 & 4 and possibly even more if you lose too many times. I don’t want Jarlaxle that bad. He is one of the last 4 toons I don’t have but I’ll have to pass for now.

As I understand it, the scaling is based on renown, and since leveling more toons gives you more renown, getting Jaraxle will make future events even harder.

This is exactly the situation I find myself in now. Renown level 20, level 13-14 toons. I barely made it through the Anvil of Dumathoin in this challenge and even then only with careful strategy. Not gonna pay the gems for the second-fourth levels just to get whooped.

I haven’t gotten that far yet, but the standard for hero events is you get the hero on stage 3, then VIPs can get a legendary pack for that hero in stage 4.

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I was only playing because I thought you got the new character with the invincible hand. Then today it became Jarlaxle who I already have. At any rate there is a bug on the second stage of the second level that makes it impossible to progress past that point anyways

You do NOT need VIP to get him

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He is the final reward for the 3rd Tier VIP is 400 gems and you get card packs and a legendary pack for jax

I’m not sure that renown is the primary factor. I know for sure that for raids, renown is not the primary factor. It is the level of the heroes in the party and their equipped weapons.

I had a backlog of heroes that were ready to level up and coincidentally I was very close to moving up in renown. I ran a lot of runs with the same heroes tracking the level of the boss in each room of the event each time I leveled up one of them. The increase in difficulty is a fairly subtle slide each time a hero is leveled up. No change to that pattern when my renown increased.

Equipping the same team with their highest level gear yielded a noticeable (though not major) increase in the level of the boss. I should’ve tried equipping their lowest level gear on a run to test the theory in the other direction.

I’m not interested in recruiting Jax or Vajra. But I will further test renown’s influence should the opportunity to recruit Pikel come up again.

Raids (and rallies) are not based on renown, but the Return adventures are. If you want to see a large change in raid boss level, substitute in your lowest characters. The same is not true for the Return adventures. Monster level is the same, no matter which characters you pick.
That said, the Training adventures are not tied to renown, and apparently while this event started tied to renown it has since switched to character level.

Good to know. You’re always full of helpful info.

I stopped doing the Return adventures when they were only 24 hours because I found it hard to consistently commit the time mid-week. Never went back when they went to 48 hours - favoring gem spending on 2 for 1 SH weapons for Cori, Shev and Tom and the occasional legendary offer that I actually want when it comes up the store.

May give the Return adventures another shot considering that my renown is relatively low compared to my hero and weapon levels because I never recruited Joppa, Jax, Vajra or Pikel.