New top 12?

Maybe it’s a bit early, but what’s everybody’s new top 12 dinos in the game? What should I be pushing for as I build my team. I dont want to spend coins on dinos that wont matter once I get better ones.

With the ever changing meta, iyou take a gamble no matter what dino you choose to invest in. Even the flavor of the month dinos can get nerf whacked at any time. My best advise is to focus on dinos that you find useful and also have good hybrids.

Yes it’s way too early. If you don’t post your team it’s impossible to help you.

If you want to be safe, you can level up only the dino that gets hybrids/super-hybrids but always remember any can get the nerf hammer.
You can focus on indoraptor (indominus level 20 + velo level 20) and level up him as much as you can. It’s one of the “safest bet” at the moment imo and the easiest unique to level up.

And remember once your team got legendary level 20 you’ll have to make choices like any of us risking a future super-hybrid. Or you can let your team at 20 except uniques but you will stall pretty fast in arenas. There are no guaranteed bets in this game.

Good luck !