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New Topic - Compy and Troadon - How would you make him work

Hey Guys

So we all know that there is one significant dinosaur missing from this game - Ludia thinks he’s too small for battle. We say no! How would you make this creature work?


Pack Hunter - passive
It’s atack is x how many creatures you have alive.

Copy strike - it uses a random creatures attack in you’re party.
Evasive strike
Superior strike.

Level 26
Speed 131
Dammage 1000
Health - 2300
Armour - 0
Crit - 5

Tell me you’re ideas?

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I would add lethal wound and rending takedown

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I think you have an animation with a dozen of them and has they take damage the number dwindle as do the stats. Might require some specific coding but could work. It would need a dodge ability though to add some survivability though.


Minimal wounding strike instead os superiority, and less health than velociraptor. Damage can go to like 1200

What about giving it low base stats, but an attack with a high multiplier, greater than 2 (so more than a rampage), as opposed to giving it a new passive ability ? It would be like the opposite of Koolabourgiana, in that sense.
How about a new attack, like “Swarm: priority. Cleanse. Regenerate 100% health. Gain priority for 2 turns. Attack damage x3 for two turns. 3-turn cooldown.” That used in conjunction with rending strike or maybe a different rending move would do some serious damage.
It could have Immunity as a passive ability, and a distracting move or two, maybe even “Debilitating Distraction”.
Other ideas: A wounding (bleed) move would make sense for Troodon, and maybe, instead of a stat-multiplying move like “Swarm”, it could have a status-effect multiplier. For example, if the multiplier was 3, any bleed damage done to the opponent would be multiplied by 3, any distracting move would nerf the opponent’s attack damage by three times as much, etc.
Swap-in ability, if any, could be swap in evasion/dodge.

We need him! I’ll draw ‘em both!


Wanted compys for a while. I say as you level them up, you gain more of them on screen to show the increased damage. Say if they are rare, when they hit lvl 11, you have two compys on screen, hit lvl 16 you have three, then lvl 21 you get 4.

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I like that idea a rare that’s as viable in the end as it started sounds cool

Great idea

That’s a really good idea. Would love compy’s in the game.


Maybe Chompy could have a passive ability similar to Wishiwashi’s ability in Pokemon.

Now, instead of changing forms, if Chompys life gets below a certain percentage, (Maybe 50%?) Then it’s ability would active and more Chompys would join it, and when they do, all it’s stats go up, this ability would only work once. Also, Chompy wouldn’t change back.

Just an idea.


I have a hybrid version of Troodon along with other ones.

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I think a Pack Strike move would be a really cool and unique implement.

Every time you use Pack Strike, it adds one to your pack to a max of 5. Each one adds your maximum HP and Attack to your current stats, until you have X5 HP and Attack. They would have to have low stats and evasive moves to get up to that, but a X5 damage hit would be quite the punch if the opponent let it get that far

Just my thought on how they could work


Yea I could dig this. A full staller dinosaur.we don’t really have any of them.

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i would like to see a pack of compys come out. say at lvl 20 you might have 5. each one does XX amount of damage. each compy has XX amount of health so if each compy has 500 health and the attack is 1000 then you lose 2 compys so they can only do 3 times damage next turn instead of 5. if that makes sense?

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and what dinomaster said . sorry didnt read all post lol

That’s really cool!

My thoughts were similar. Compys are a pack. Each one has low attack, health, no armor and the standard 5% crit but being small and nimble they have a higher passive dodge rating (like 66%).

When they attack each one is figured individually whether it hits (if opponent has dodge or cloak) and whether the hit is a crit or not. I.e. each compy does 300 damage so on a 1x damage attack with 5 compys you may do anywhere from 1500 to 2250 damage.

When they’re attacked, the damage of the attacker is divided by the number of compy’s remaining and then each individual compy is attacked with the divided damage with a check against whether they have dodged or not. I.e you have 5 compys remaining and your opponent hits you with 2000 damage. Each compy is attacked with 400 damage if they don’t dodge it. There are still lots of other things that would need to be figured out how to do such as how to display remaining health and number of compy’s remaining, how a stun attack would work against them (unless the stun attack is only checked once on an attack and the result affects all compys in the group), how many Compys would a player start a battle with?


Lol Compys are a snack, not a battler. It would basically need to be a pack of them on screen at once. Being so small I assumed they would go like Gallimimus with the dodging strike