New Tournament Format

Looks like I’m on a roll with forum posts today, but since I’m going through a spell where actually playing the game is boring as anything…

How about this for a tourney format?

Rare, Epic, Legendary, Unique. All. Only creatures and hybrids made without exclusive DNA (special event darting does not count - must be ON THE MAP. Arena Battle incubator DNA counts as exclusive)

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It would be cool. There should me more ability restrictions too like no flocks, none of a specific group, no evasive, etc

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No healing

I get plenty of people hated the “only 1.1 creatures” format but I found it to be a very interesting concept

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I wouldn’t mind one takedown returning, it was a pretty fun format if neither side had boa or albert. If ludia makes a better banlist for it next time I can see it being fun

You could also reduce the number of takedowns needed for bonus points to 5 or even like 3 so that it would become easier to accomplish but I don’t think that is necessary since the matches last like 5 turns anyways

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We already have this

Let’s get a no flock championship.

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Yes. But nearly every single flock creature has a healing ability, along with Fukui. So do no flock+no heal.

I want a whole month of tournaments with only creatures released before 2.0


Ankymoloch looking very scary rn

I meant more kf that. I forgot about the flock. Another one could be no run away or no on escape

Non hybrid tournament which only pre 2.0 creatures can be entered.
(No rexy, flocks and more creatures that makes everyone using the same creatures over and over again)