New tournament game mode

A new tournament game mode. We already got one, the 1 takedown tournaments and … cant really say anything else about it then that its isnt fun. Its a compition to look at who can use the best swap in creatures. But what about a new game mode? A randomized tournament, something like pokemon. Every battle you get a random team to fight with. And allow all creatures in it, allow stun, swap in, on escape, flocks everything to be in this tournament. I think this would be so much fun, and this will help low level players to choose what they want to go for next. And we might find really bad non meta creatures being a super good counter against meta creatures we didnt know of and it could be given a change to be more used in pvp. Pls leave feedback on what you think about this idea.

If this is the case it may just be a case of terrible creatures vs really good creatures in the same rarity and it would make this style do tournaments a pain