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New Tournament Idea

Now this May not be the greatest idea ever but why not for the tournaments such as the 5th one thats going to happen this championship but i just thought of a interesting idea that is a more RNG based tournament style (this is where it may irritate people)

I was thinking that the game would give us a random team every battle but the whole team has a form of synergy each team will get 1 tank (A creature with more than 4K health/ A creature with 3500+ health but with more than 30% armour) The next creature will be a Revenge creature (Creature with Revenge ability) then the last 2 are the creatures that work the best together (A creature with any escape ability and A creature with ANY swap in ability) So for example 1 team gets Tank: Mammolania Revenge: Acrocanthops Swapper: Dodocevia Swap in: Refrantrem. Then the other gets Tank: Entelolania Revenge: Erlikospyx Swapper: Compsognathus gen 2 Swap in: Quetzorion

Now you may see that Team 2 has mainly uniques you can only have a max of 3 from 1 rarity (not that you can have 4 apex anyway as none of them can leave with the assistance of an attack)

Note: The swapper will always be able to swap into the swap in (unless the swap in is defeated in combat or trapped) Another note: Creatures that have multiple of the requirements such as Smilonemys Will be counted by moves first rather then their health or swap in capabilities so its counted as a swapper rather than tank/swap in. The order of Priority is Revenge, Swapper, Swap In, Tank
So creatures can duplicate requirements such as Trebax or as i previously mentioned smilonemys.

This would be restricted to only the 5th tournament in the championships and i feel that it would be a nice addition to the rotation another thing to note is that the lower the rarity the lower the chance of getting them is due to either their lack of health/lack of revenge/lack of swap capabilities and even their swap in capabilities so for instance there are only a few creatures in commons that can apply to the tank about 2 that are revenge only a few that can run and majority of them can swap in but its still only a small amount.

I would like to see what you think of my idea Honestly i wouldnt mind if you dont like it and you wouldnt want it in the game this is only a suggestion and its what it’s supposed to do

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