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New Tournament - No new patch


We will see another wave of players disappear due to this. People have been waiting for news on a new update for months. This will push a lot of people over the edge and quit the game. Especially after seeing absolutely nothing happen in terms of bugs, fixes and spawn balance.

Good work Ludia


I have a feeling the next 2-3 weeks will be illuminating
(But who knows … I’ve been wrong before :slight_smile:)


I hope you’re right, @Hersh - this whole rinse and repeat thing is getting tiresome

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We haven’t spent enough coins yet on dinos with unclear futures. If we all spend all of our coins and cash and make room for purchasing more, they’ll give us a new update.


Like this? :smiley:



Haha I would totally get one of these! :sweat_smile:

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Ludia hasn’t added enough bugs to next update. They tested it and there were only few glitches. So they’re working hard to add more annoying bugs, so just be patient and check your internet connection.


Something doesnt seem right :thinking:

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I’ve got one of those lights!!! :sunglasses:


That toilet’s got ghosts!




LOL, that would be terrifying!! A Tryko with two rampages!


Arena is broken for me, seems to happen alot. He decided to stand alittle to the right too :joy: