New Tournament rule: No more Swap in Damage

Make it so creatures with a Swap in Damge move are banned from the torunaments, its disgusting how easy it is to win against someone that was going to beat you when you didnt deserve that victory, I tried the swap in damage strat and my trophies got up, but A LOT of those battles I deserved to lose, and didnt, and I can already see the people that will defend the use of this cheap shots, its not strategy its a free win

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no-escape, on-escape dustcloud

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I understand the annoyance, but this requires a gamewide fix, not just for tournaments.

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It doesnt help when one of the worst offenders the Rato it’s inmune to being locked

on-escape dust cloud
basically on-escape invincibility

To situational, and most creatures with that can’t fight back well once it’s used once, so not really a good solution

Swap in damage is a perfectly fine feature if you use your brain there are plenty meta no escape dinos and you can just swap to your 4th dino if yours is almost dead


its a dead brain move and you know it, it should never do more than 1000 damage at best, its a cheap shot that is used by lazy players

I would be more content with swap in attacks (and swap in moves in general) if I knew when my opponent could or couldn’t use them. There’s no way of knowing whether or not your opponent drew their rhino, so you always have to play assuming that they have one, making them disproportionately dominating in the meta. Rhino isn’t even especially strong outside of this move, but the surprise factor on swap in attacks is such an asset that it becomes a must-play.

I don’t think an attack nerf is enough to fix the problem here. It doesn’t even matter how much damage they do: if you’re at 1500 hp or 1 hp, if you outspeed your opponent and are about to finish them off, only to have them switch to a swap-in attacker and kill you instead, you still feel robbed either way. Not to mention that some swap in abilities are very strong despite doing 0 damage (like swap in slow). I think there should be some way of knowing what swap in attacks your opponent has so you can plan around them (like seeing one another’s teams at the start of the match). You can click on your opponents creature and see every possible move they can make - EXCEPT for attacks they can use by swapping to something else (i.e. swap in attacks). If you were informed on whether or not a swap in attacks was an option for your opponent, you could plan around it like any other move, and I don’t think they would feel quite so unfair.


As frustrating as it is, it’s the best way to play the game right now, and people who want to win as much as possible are going to use it.
Insulting other players isn’t going to help the situation or make your point more compelling.


The only swapper that really needs a change is Rhino. As long as the swap in damage isn’t too high, it’s fine. Annoying maybe, but dodging, crits, stuns, random resistances etc are annoying too , it’s not going to change. There are more serious cancers in the arena/tourneys now

You can’t just take away swap-in damage you need to remove the whole mechanic of swap effects then.
Personally I’d rather remove the counterattack mechanic. I’m sick and tired of fighting Trykos and Dios in every arena battle.

No, that isn’t true. If Ludia wanted to they could totally take away swap-in damage but keep other SIAs.

I don’t think swap in damage would bother me so much if it wasn’t for the fact that nearly all the dinos that use it are on the slower side. It’s a cheap trick to make slower dinos suddenly the fastest in the game, which ruins balance further (not that there’s much balance in this game for reasons people have already made clear).

It would also help if we had more On Escape moves given to cunnings and fierce dinos, really.

If you are “Going to beat me” and I have a creature with swap-in damage in reserve that I swap in and snatch victory from the jaws of death, then you weren’t going to win. Just like judiciously using swap in damage is a valid strategy, you should account for that in your strategy. A battle isn’t over till it’s over.


that majundaboa, i swaped into draco so it has 2,000 damage and was invincible so it did nothing. why is this thing have rend that doesnt break sheilds

That’s Majundaboa’s whole thing lol
It’s already underpowered, no need to take away it’s only useful gimmick

they could buff it

no, i was i surprised it could get that powerful, cuz i thought it was a horrible creature

It’s generally horrible, but in specific scenarios where your opponent needs to swap it can really come in clutch