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New Tourney is it worth the money

So is it worth it… Or am i gonna the same probs as last week?

I’ve had about 10 battles. Each one has connected right away.

I got kicked 2-2 from 1 battle. By some grace of Some diety I got back in and was able to scrap out a win.

You may have the game freeze after every battle.

It does not seem to be as frustrating as last week, but still some bugs in the mix.

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I haven’t had any issues with it. It’s basically a stunning match and the first person to get the most stuns wins… which isn’t me LOL I’ve been battling in it all day, constantly, and I’m still only around 90 trophies. Oh well… I’m just glad trophies don’t go into the negatives :sweat_smile:

I freeze after every win without fail. But if I lose- all is well.

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It’s definitely worth it, this flat-levelled style of battle is excellent, exactly what JWA battling should be about (a welcome respite from the star-paddlers paradise). In terms of stability it’s vastly improved over the previous tournament. In terms of difficulty it’s brutal to advance and stay ahead. But its great fun as everyone has an equal chance (with the exception of RNG) so we can find who’s the best like no on was. Bravo Ludia, make the rest of the arena more like this and you’re on to a winner.

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