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New Trend: Battles are unbalanced because many players boost only 1 dino to max-stats?

Since the latest updates it seems players have boosted 1 dino to max, and left the rest of the team unbosted?

I have found MANY overboosted THORs in this meta, and it always seems to be opponents last choice in the battle.

Is it fair play when some players MAX 1 dino, and left the team behind?

Before, in 1.0, a lot more dinos was ALSO boosted, and in that way we could have a answer to meet something powerful.

Now it feels like the team we have ain’t enough to meet opponents overboosted singel dino?

Any reflections?


Well, if they over boost one dino, they’ll be more likely to lose when they don’t draw it.


I think it is fine for people to do that.

If people choose to boost only one dino to max then they increase their chances of having battles with no boosted dino on their team.


Would you say players have given up the idea of boosting their whole team, and just play for having a short aggressive battle?

I mean, they don’t want or even care to have a balanced team?

I believe some just want to sweep with that one dino, while also taking the chance that they’ll be screwed by not having it in some other matches. Not everyone is like this though, there are people who have spread boosts out evenly.

It seems clear that MANY players boost 1-2 or 3 dinos to the sky.

To get a boosted THOR with speed 145 someone have to use 18 packages of speed boosts.

1800 speed only for 1 dino.

I’m not sure of the total amount boost players could have from 1.0 to 2.0.

Some examples of how many boosts players got:

Examples of big monsters in the arena.

i don’t see this as a problem anymore. it was a BIG problem whith 1.7 first boost release, with 200 speed thors. then a minor problem with second boost mechanics, after that rollback and speed cap. and, of course, no boost store glitch.

a problem “boosted” by matchmaker.

but now it seems ok. let them boost 1 dino to the cosmos, and loose miserably next battle without that dino, lol.
or have that dino bleed or dracobombed while loose others easily.

even before boost 2.0 i had historical better results when balanced boosts to all team other than 1 or 2 dinos. i made some tests.

doing unbalanced, people have more strange fun than good results in long term.

now that i am playing unboosted, and am at SAME score range, i see some players with boost to 1 dino. many times i really loose, but win next battle.

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What you are seeing with that one dino is the future…those monsters are the balance the update has brought… there will be a point in the future when teams are back to those monsters.

The way these boosts scale… it doesnt make alot of sense to spread boosts out to much. I but the bulk of my boosts into 3 dinos . Then the last remaining boosts i added to indo to make it slightly better then stock. With the old system it was far easier to spread boosts out. With this system you can take 1k boosts and have 6 t1 and 2 t2 dinos or you can have 2 t5 dinos. Or 3 t3 dinos and 1 t1.

I have had 0 matches where i didnt pull atleast one of my boosted dinos. And quite often i get 2-3

That’s actually a pretty good strat.
Whittle them down with 2 or 3 and then wham.

I have sort of same experience.
Myself is at nearly same throphy. 5100.

My question is tho, how do you experience your opponents?

Do the boost have any function at all if they are spred out around the team?

I mean, if you still win against players without a NON-boosted team, why even condiser boost it…?

Sorry for philosophic questions. :pray:t4:

Do you mean it’s better to build a stronger team with 3 main dinos.
And use the other 5 slots, dinos, as a support?

3 warriors and 5 support dinos…?

My team is a delightful hybridization between boosted and unboosted. I have my Erlidom and Thor boosted, however the rest of my team can still hold their own because of how I have configured it. I have my team based on their individual strengths and plus I know them inside and out because I have had them for a long time. I am now at 4800 instead of lower 4500. My climb is steady upwards

I mean in the short term you want boosts to have an impact… long term you should be planning out your boosts for an even team clearly… but when you only have enough boosts to make maybe 2-3 dinos significantly better or all dinos 2% better which isnt even a level worth of boosts.

Now if your at all 30s maybe it matters for the 2%s

Boosts still are capable of letting a dino beat one several levels higher… more if that dino isnt boosted itself. I boosted my thor counter, my draco counter, and tryo. That way my thor counter can contest over leveled thors, same with draco counters… and tryo has always been my favorite chomper to boost. Even more so now since its much cheaper to get over 130 speed then other chompers… allowing him to pick off an unboosted speedster.

I saw some max boosted Thor’s too but they aren’t a really problem with his counters 3/3/3 boosted

Thanks for clarification!

I’m in the lower Library, I fighted a guy with an Erlidominus speed 149 and an Indoraptor speed 147, both at a higher level than mine and he has more trophies, I obviously lost with a loss of 39 trophies, that’s insane!!!

Look at this!

Nothing boosted in their team, and as the third dino they pick this level 29!

That’s nothing :slight_smile:

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Wow. Hallelujah!

The first battle for the Day.

And nothing boosted, except the third dino: