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New Trend: Battles are unbalanced because many players boost only 1 dino to max-stats?

Have things changed last 14 days?

My experience of this problem says no.

How are the arena for you?

Seeing a lot of teams putting all of their resources into Thor and Dracorat.
Playing at low-mid Library.
It’s quite frustrating at the moment.

Today alone i lost 400+ trophies. I never loose this much in a row. bad luck/ rng? or is it a coincidence that there is a boost sale today. I keep getting smashed by my opponents who crit and hit every dodge while i can only successfully dodge once and crits are non existent. It’s getting incredibly frustrating and i’ve almost thrown my phone a few times. If it doesn’t get better later today, this will probably be the straw the breaks the camels back for me. An enjoyable game should not bring its users to want to smash their phones.


Wow :frowning:

Have you boosted anything? Where you in the wrong arena in 1.0 and now getting more equal battles in 2.0 ?

Have you boosted anything? And what?

Those mega-Thor could be hard to counter. Agree.
Sad it gets so much power to dominante how we play the game.

I’ve only boosted 1 so far. lv 21 tryko up 20 tiers spread out. (granted, that was only for beating the halloween master strike. She’s also my erlidom and indom killer) Still working out what to plop more into. in 1.0 i was low aviary. Was sitting around mid aviary in 2.0 until today. Pretty equal battles in each. Had a good win streak last night that brought me up 200 trophies to abut 4990ish. Could be a run of bad luck. I really should just take a break and try again later. Maybe playing at a different time will change my luck a bit. i expected to drop back some, but not almost out of aviary.

This is my team

And this was on one of the teams i was facing after dropping a bit.

Could just be bad luck against AI that is too strong compared to actual people.

Edit: after taking a break for most of the day, my battles have gotten easier. I’m starting to climb back again. I should do battles at this time more often for a while. :smile:

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I dropped and it’s still ridiculous, but the battles are somewhat easier mostly. It is REALLY easy to drop btw. -40 every time with my team of level 10’s :rofl: