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New trend: People STOP playing or give up after the DRACOCERA killed their first DINO

I wonder if any more players have seen this trend ?

People have started to give up their games after opponent killed their first dino with Dracocera.

Have faced this many times now.

Can just say, if the developers don’t listening, the players handle it by their own?


Weel some people give up either of that or it just got boring


I wish I could face that geez.


I’ve had people seem to do this–or their game froze. Either way, if you can’t kill my DC before I jump out, then I’m happy to accept the coins for the free win. :smiley:


It is the opposite for me, it’s usually the Jumbo rat user who rage quits after DC gets oneshot :woman_shrugging:t2:


lately for me the new trend is not getting killed by the draco swamp in, but by its 5% crit.


When you battle in the arena you play against mods, not real players. So when the computer always uses Dracoceratops I get pretty tired of it and rage-quit. The battle incubators always give you the same crappy dinosaurs so I don’t battle anymore.


Same for me. I usually win against rat users anyway.

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I have had opponents quit just because I swapped in Alanqa to block the rampage from IRex…

But it was clear to me that if they have stayed, they could have won for sure because their team was overall much better than that of mine.

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If people stop playing the battle because a Dracoceratops has come in to kill off their first dino then they are cutting their nose off to spite their face, because Dracoceratops is easy to kill and there’s still a good chance you can win the battle.

Now, when an opponent starts with Indo and evades every single attack when I have no nullifer on my team because the game decided to pick 4 non-nullifers and the Indo has killed 2 of my dinos whilst evading every single bloody attack, that’s when I quit… not just because a rat came in at the start of a battle.


Never happenend to me. Most opponents keep a Draco-slayer ready for this situation. I do the same. It’s kind of a necessity nowadays… (and some people still deny that this rat and its predecessor have defined the whole arena since the SI DSR started)…


True. But it’s few meta dinos who can 1-shot a DC with level 25+
If your team is around 22-23.

When DC nowdays are that high, it’s hard for many players.

They deny that because they have a high leveled legendary dino with a unique over leveled touch on there team. To help steal those easy wins.

They’re not that easy to kill. Let’s say your dinos are around lvl 19-23 but players come in with lvl 25-26 DC down in marshes I seen it. You will need RNG to take effect with a critical Thor lvl 22 hit at least if its even in your deck. And down in marshes not a lot of players have the means to take it down. So they swap regen stun until its over. Then if you kill it after it takes 2 dinos out or severely damages the second dino, its extremely hard to get ahead when they can also pull out a Thor or indor. That’s almost an auto loss. I still try but I can see why some just say screw it. I normally just call the players something I can’t say on here xD

On the other hand a trend… A lot of DC users are quitting when your dino crit kills them then there whole gameplan is out the window.


If this pattern will increse, I think many players will continue to give up their match.

If players only want fast hits and fast Victory, people will stop playing.

If people feel they are just slayed, it’s better to give up from start.

Ive never rage quit a battle. I respect peoples time too much, even if they use tactics that don’t sit well with me. it’s just a game. They just want incubators the same way I want incubators.

I have however gotten disconnected from the game too many times to count after a critical moment that it may SEEM like I rage quit…Notifications kill my game like crazy.


I’ve had people send me private messages telling me not to use it. Honestly.

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Not true.
I’ve done plenty of real battles.
Including friendlies.
Bots dont really exist much anymore. They’re still there, but less frequent.


To add more to this lol. The bots don’t know how to use dracoceratops the way humans spam it. He is playing real players not bots.

Also, I can’t blame him for thinking its a bot. As its a repetitive rinse and repeat and seems like a bot if you think of it that way.


I see what you mean.

In other way round, players spend a lot of time to grind tons of materials to level up hard dinos, maby spending real money aswell.

Just to see their hard work be destroyed by 2 common ingredients.

Is that disrespect?

Do people value other hunters time?

I quit when over leveled commons one shot my dino on the first move with a 5% crit. Just stupid game mechanics at that point.