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New trend: People STOP playing or give up after the DRACOCERA killed their first DINO



A few of them are unbeatable!

Not a fun feeling.


I’ll give you another new trend: some players are “protecting” their Thors like they do with a rat after SIA. Swap when there’s a chance their precious speedboosted chomper will be taken down (because it’s slowed, distracted or failed hitting through Cloak). Then send it back in after sacrificing a lamb, so they can keep chomping their way to victory.

AWESOME game plan! :unamused:


I’ve noticed this, too. Really annoying when it misses during cloak, you defeat the next dino, only for Thor to be dragged back out and you no longer have a single dino that can compete.

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I always save my Thor or Allosino for when they swap to DC. Starter is usually Indo, Erlidom or Utahsino


Everyone gives up when I swap this in.

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But can’t that be substituted for almost any dinosaur that is key to your ‘strategy’ of winning?

The only difference is the out judgement of the cheapness of the strategy?

Devils advocate out. Peace.

I started using the Rat. I need to either go take a shower to clean up or enjoy some cookies from the dark side… i didn’t boost her yet…


I’ve noticed that some people give up after I kill their DC. Gonna play like a child might as well throw a fit like one too.

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Yeah, and I have a DG2 at lvl 29 boosted as well. the team is almost impossible to beat when both of them are drawn.


Boosted cheap shots. In my opinion anyways. If you’re having fun and winning matches then right on, good for you.


If someone is going to use the Super Rat, I prefer that they kill off my first dino. I kill the rat then don’t worry about them sneaking it in at the end… Like I do :yum:


I usually wait until it is my opponent’s last dinosaur and it is at a happy median of 800 or 900 hp because then I swap in Dracocera to put the final nail in the coffin for my opponent. 90% of the time I win every match when I do this. Other times I will take out the second dino, cleanse/regen and swap him out.

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But Thor becomes the perfect killing machine with a a boosted speed and damage because of Instant Charge + DS moves. 'Cause even if your opponent has very high HP you can weaken it with IC and then DS Rampage… Not to mention it will attack first a faster Erlido, forcing it to use Cloak (it’s when the player swaps if he/she misses or doesn’t one shot it)… That’s why Thor is the “poster-dino” for this speed mess.


I pretty much force close the app as soon as I face anything crazy boosted. No thanks, do not want.


I will be boosting and leveling my DC when my Daily Battle Incubator pops tomorrow. I’ve had enough “fair play”. Time to make some salt