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New trophy system that fixes almost everything

Let’s start with why I am suggesting a new system. The 30/30 system had caused a lot of problems, like droppers, huge trophy loss each season etc. But the 20/40 system isn’t fair either. Top players suddenly can’t progress, and unlucky players (like me) get matched against lower trophies every single battle even in library. And losing 40 trophies against a stronger team. So I would like to propose a new system that would likely to remove all the problem I have mentioned before. It isn’t just about moving trophies after battles, its also about matchmaking, the aim is to motivate players to be active and battle more to go up in trophies, while awarding players according to BOTH their team level and skills.
In the new system, matchmaking will be based solely on trophies amount ~±100 (hold up with droppers and shores), and the final trophy awarding will only be based on team strength, ranging from +25 to +40 and -20 to -35. With the new system, there’s a net gain in trophies to help with the monthly reset. People are able to progress more. Players who has a high amount of trophies but with a weaker than average team will be rewarded more trophies, instead of losing huge amount of trophies each time. This encourages people to play more because they no longer lose a lot of trophies after playing against a strong team. The fact that matchmake is solely dependant on trophies means that people can’t play a team of level 5 commons and advance.
Now let’s talk about shores, it is no longer open league - top players can’t play bottom players. But because of the new system, people can’t push to absurd amount of trophies (as they can only play similar team/skill strength players).
People might think it still won’t solve the dropper problem. Well firstly, people who drop won’t harm their victim as much now, as victims are pretty much guaranteed to lose no more than 20 trophies. Secondly, I would also like to introduce another trophy road reward system that would encourage pushing instead of dropping. Look at games like Clash Royale, players are awarded during the season for pushing, not just after the system. And of course players also get another reward in the end of a season, but the reward is based on current trophies, not the highest trophies achieved. This means people would have to make sure their trophies stay high in order to maximise their reward. Incubators also keep growing bigger with trophies, unlike currently where aviary has the same amount of reward from an incubator when compared to shores.

So here is my suggestion, please comment if you have any feedbacks, or tweaks you would like to make/ add. Thanks for reading… if you actually read till the end

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The problem I see with this is that if you do 10 battles a day and have a 50% win percentage, you can accumulate 1500 trophies in a month. Climbing 3 arenas while being average in a month seems artificial. Even though this will be mitigated by being matched with stronger opponents while you climb up, there is not much difference between a team around 5100 and around 5900, all I see are level 30 teams.

Win percentage makes no sense before you hit the top, it changes with your trophy amount. Moving up is now easier, but it doesn’t mean that anyone can add thousands of trophies in a month. It helps people progress more than they do now as average trophies earned from winning is 32.5, while losing is 27.5. But the point is everyone moves up with that, except the system also allows more skilled players to progress even faster. While droppers cease to exist
We can also change it a little so players shores or above get 25/35 trophy change, which means they don’t get a net increase in trophies to prevent them progressing as much as people below do

I would prefer they implement something like the below.

This could work at tournaments too, skill tourneys remain 30/30, while advantage tournaments can use this method do determine the final result