New type of moves (Idea)

So I just thought of something cool that might work and I want some feedback. Basically there would be new moves which would give the creature a resistance to something, but only for a move or two. So like for example, New Move A) Slows for 1 turn, cleanses distraction, gives self 100% DOT resistance for 1 turn. What do you guys think? This is just one example btw, it could be used alot of different ways

PS. These moves would be added in a future update and would only be added to certain creatures

PS. 2) These resistances would basically work like turn based status effects

Distracting regeneration

i kind of want something that can destroy or disable resistances

That would make a lot of creatures dangerously op.

Imagine if a speedster Thor was able to cleanse itself of Distraction or Deceleration, and/or give itself total immunity to it for one turn.

Imagine if Ardentismaxima or Geminititan could cleanse themselves of DoT, and/or give themselves total immunity to it for one turn; Heck, imagine if ANY Resilient could do that, in an already Resilient-dominant meta.

Imagine any Cunning creature suddenly able to give itself immunity to Decel.

And yes, it doesn’t have to be just Decel or Distraction, but that doesn’t matter.

If it’s already got total Resistance or 67% or higher, it could render the move moot since it’s really not gaining much.

If it’s gaining a Resistance that counters a status effect the opposing creature can’t inflict upon your own, it’s just a waste of space.

If it’s gaining a Resistance to the very thing that is supposed to be one of it’s counters, see above.

Well yes you would have to be picky about which creatures got which moves so that they only get resistances that dont make them op. So like for thor, he wouldn’t have any of these new moves, but maybe something like stegodeus or entelolania would get one of the new moves. And they would get one that would not make them op, so it would give them, say, 50% distraction resist, which wouldn’t be op at all.