New Types of Abilities

Hey all. This topic isn’t for new variations on existing abilities, but new abilities. For example, an ability that switches your health with your opponent. I think this game needs more new features and not just new moves with the same old abilities like shielded devastation.

I see them adding a HoT (Heal over Time) ability, like the DoT so you can have a heal over time move that does either 2 or 3 heals with a 2 or three cool down. Also a G-HoT (Group Heal over Time). These HoT abilities would do 33.3% or 25%.

The creature that would have this would only have 1X damage moves with a reduce damage or a speed decrease and maybe a cleanse attack. The creature could be a hybrid made from 2 other healers. This would be more of a utility minion meant for raids for group HoT’s and cleansing moves.

I’m kind of surprised they haven’t added this yet.


Armor reduction would be a nice addition for the fierce class, since the fierce moves are the only ones of the 3 classes that don’t inflict a negative effect.

I also came up with a new negative effect called Injured. This caused the injured creature to take recoil damage when using an active ability. For example, if a creature is injured by 50% and they use an attack, they will deal half the amount of damage they did to you, to themselves.