New types of skill tournaments

I am a huge fan of skill tournaments and have been participating since day 1. However, these have been going on for about a year now, and it’s the same old thing. Sure there is skill involved, but there is also a lot of RNG. And Ludia, you’ve been recycling the same tournaments for over a year with some small tweak. I would like something new.

My idea for a new skill tournament is a boosted skill tournament. Each player gets to choose a team with the rarity and hybrid restrictions as usual, but there are boosts. Each player gets to start the tournament with a set amount of boosts (1000 hp, 1000, dmg, 800 spd for example) and he/she has to distribute them to their team as they please. Boosts in the tournament would be 100% refundable so there is no worry of boosting something only to realize it’s not that great. This not only eliminates the poor variety of creatures, but also reduces the chances of speed-ties tremendously.

Is there anything that should be changed about this design?


you can only use the torunament boosts.
this will prevent uneven boost spreads from people using their own boosted creatures and keeps everyone relatively even.

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Sounds interesting.

Exactly. You can evenly distribute your boosts or decide “Hey, I want to dump all my hp boosts into grypolyth and hopefully draw him most of the time while dumping my speed boosts into erlidom while having monostego unboosted”

I’ve been saying for a while that they should have more variety… We’ve only got one skill tourney with Uniques allowed, for example.

Another cool idea would be the opposite: an any-level tournament without boosts! Like old school arena, before this crap was added…

And another idea: tournaments with special restrictions, like the trials and Campaign.

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it also prevents the: i gave over 26 tiers of boosts to this creature so now the computer has to figure out what to do; or i have under 26 boosts on this creature, I’ll use it to save my tournament boosts for other things.

I do like the campaign idea. A tournament where you can only have creatures with less than 1000 attack or over 128 speed. Sounds interesting.

I do feel that the any-level no boost tournament would fall under “advantage”, but it’s still a welcome idea nonetheless

“Sounds interesting” is less than 10 characters? :wink:

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Force of habit :sweat_smile:


What do you mean “computer”

say this:
skill torunament with common dinos and boosts. All levels set to 26.
Now if someone had a common above lv 26, it would be set to lv 26 for the tournament. But if that player has boost levels above 26 tiers, how would the system calculate what to allow for the tournament? what would it temporarily disable? It really can’t do that because every person will want a different set up for a lv 26 dino.

If you mean “how will creatures with boosts as seen in the top 50 will be in the tournament?” this is how it goes:
Similarly to how the medals from the tournament and cups in the arena are separate, the boosts in the tournament are separate. You can boost your diplocalus in the tournament for a common tournament, but your diplocalus in the arena will be unboosted and vice versa. I could have a boosted gemini with 8k hp, but in the tournament, my gemini is now at base hp and I use the tournament boosts to boost it how I please

This is how i thought it should go. boosted skill torunament with only the tournament supplied boosts. otherwise, it becomes just a mess to work around.

Oh yeah, I couldn’t agree more. Otherwise, It would pretty much be the arena