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New unannounced creature?

There were 7 creatures announced in the patch notes, but I have 8 new spots including the hybrids. Is this a bug @E.D ? Or a surprise new arrival?


probably a visual glitch like last time

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I found it too, it’s name falls between Gorgotrebax and Hadros Lux

My guess is that it’s Haast Maximus


Thats probably true

For me it fell after what i guess is refrenantem

scorpius rex?

Or visual glitch again

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Low key I hope it’s Torro but I know that’s probably far from what it could be

Our team is looking into it! It’s llikely just visual, however. :sweat_smile:


Thanks Ned! I guess you could say there’s a asset out of containment!


Do you have any DNA for Hadros Lux or Mortem? Because if they’re side by side and you don’t have those in between, you don’t know the order that they’re in. Both what’s presumably Refrenantem and the mystery dino are event spawns.

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Scorpius Rex :eyes:

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I have discoverd everything but trebax till this update

Screenshot_20210511-182956_JW Alive

The first 4 should be the non hybrids then gbax, then refre and then whatever that is

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Did you click on each portrait to check their spawn times? If the last three are Gorgotrebax, ?, ? then that actually matches what mine says. Except mine shows the additional information that the first ? comes before Hadros and Mortem and the second ? comes after, making the second ? Refrenantem

So cross-referencing with mine, yours is probably Bumpy, Compy1, Compy2, Dodo, Gorgotrebax, ?, Refrenantem

Ok yeah double checked

The first are the non hybrids

Then after dodo it IS trebax, and then the other 2 that are undiscoverd

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I just checked and Dodo is found everywhere in parks and the compy required to fuse compsocaulus is probably a local spawn. I’m at local 3 but since I just updated I haven’t seen any, so either it’s not in my local or it just hasn’t gotten a chance to spawn

Compy Gen 1 is local 1, and Gen 2 is local 4

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I don’t think i posted it here(but i think i did on the GP discord) i actualy got the compy spawns correct(for both gens), just missed the times(thought compy g1 would be day dawn dusk/night dawn dusk, and compy g2 night dawn dusk)

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Its Haast Maximus, they secretly added it


That’s weird cuz it doesn’t show an extra creature on mine. :thinking::thinking::thinking:

rodan has entered the chat
if that is what the boss looks like I’m all for it! it looks incredible
edit:this may look odd since the post has been removed…


My post was deleted almost as soon as I posted it. I don’t know why.