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New Unique Assasin Hybrid Creature!


A crazy Mutant!! Love it!!




This is either really good editing, or…

IB4L :laughing:

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5 ability?


Thanks!! I’m just try to do something new and original a Lot xd

Why not? Friend :slight_smile:

No have unique that have 5 ability that break rule
If in future have Dino that has 5 ability it will fine


That looks awesome. Great job on the artwork. I’d like to see that thing.

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Im fine with the health and damage. Speed is a bit much though, and the speed decrease immunity is a bit much. This could easily destroy almost anything. With Rampage, DSR, or CI, DSR, it would do 8000 or 7000 in 2 turns. The moves are fine, the resistances, not so much. The ones that can stay the same are Bleed, Distraction, Vulnerable, and Swap Prevention. The ones that can change are Crit Reduction: 50% to either 0% or 100%, and Stun: 100% to 75%. The one that needs to be removed are Deceleration, as that should counter it. In on the fence with Rending, as that is fierce, but this is a wildcard, so it could keep it. Paralyzing Toxin is interesting, but we already have a move like that, so maybe if it distracted as well, so it would be SI-PT 100% Chance to stun and reduce Damage 50% for 2 attacks, lasting 2 turns, 2 turn distraction due to it swapping in and stunning, so turn is gone, and then the distraction would be useless. I love that design though. Very nice.


Wow! Thanks!!

How do you make a custom creature of the field guide?

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Photoshop skills

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No problem. I enjoy creating hybrids myself, and will support anyone trying to do so themselves. This creature seems like a fun glass cannon, but with the decel resistance, it was getting into Broken territory, so I just put down my thoughts. I would love to see this ingame. Keep making them, and always try your best, even If you think you can’t, some one will appreciate your efforts.

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It’s edited the Photo friend jeje :sweat_smile:

Thankyou bro!! :’) inspiring!!

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Got any ideas? I can put one of my own on here if you would like.

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Yes, why not?! That sound good!!

Ok. Here is the idea. Alankylosaurus and Spinosaurus Gen 2

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Just wait a time, a need it to work jajaj

I means create them jaja

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This is a possible design

4100 Health
1000 Damage
118 Speed
25% Armor
5% Critical Chance

Resilient Strike
Shield Advantage
Lethal Invincibility( Lethal Wound with Invincibility for one turn. Cooldown of 2)
No Escape
Swap In Invincibility

Possible Design:
Alankylosaurus body, with an armored sail, and the Spinosaurus snout. The body would become a light purple and the snout a darker orange to contrast.

Possible Descripition:
This weird pterosaur uses its sail for extra maneuverability while flying, which makes it very stable, and it can easily fly long distances. Spinolansaurus loves to fish, but it will eat almost anything that it can fit its jaw around.

I have no computer skills, so all I do is type it out. What do yall think?