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New unique dragons available for breeding


I just discovered Meatlug, Hookfang, Stormfly, Skull Crusher, and Cloud Jumper are now available for breeding

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Clarification needed. (Cloudjumper and other dragons)

it’s not for long.


@Andr Where did it say not for long?


Perhaps this is mistakenly done.


These dragons are for trust event


So I have to have trust points to get them?


When the next trust event is, then we’ll find out


Skullcrusher - subpar green. Basically a slightly stronger Flank-tanker. But… as far as healing goes - it’s good to have as an option.

Meatlug - new top yellow… Solid AoE and a rare kind of debuff. That spirit part is sort of random, but 60% can lead to interesting spamming. Definitely a top-grade yellow.

Hookfang - yet another absolutely worthless red dragon, golfclap, devs. I mean, seriously, a single-target buff 5-star with VERY SLOW spirit gain that is supposed to be “countermeasured” with his own PERSONAL spirit buff? It’s like a very inaccurate minigun that takes ages to spin up and, once it starts firing, either your team is dead or the enemy team is…

Cloudjumper - A better yellow version of Molten Slaggert, but not really better than the current yellow dragons, and definitely not a match for Meatlug.

Stormfly - Great. Top-grade debuff, fast charging, heavy AoE and even some healing. Most endgame players pick a fairly weak Sparguard just for the sake of 5star AoE healing, but this is a good alternative.

Apparently there’s also Barf&Belch datamined from Szaddaj’s spreadsheet.
That dragon looks like a slightly better version of Hookfang. Also a selfish dragon, but instead of a slow-spinup minigun - it’s a fast-firing sniper. Problem is… such dragons aren’t exactly tactical, let alone survivors.

But… I have a distinct feeling that for scenarios, where survival is either unnecessary or pointless, such as clan alpha battles - Hookfang, Barf&Belch, Lightfury and similar dragons - would be the top picks for tryhards in ranking clans.


I hope this is really for real, I’m going to give this a shot.