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New unique Green chicken created!

Finally got it after a 50 fuse! I’d like to thank all my alliance members in sand dunes for this formidable creation. :clap::clap::clap:

I’m wondering does a lv 21 baby chicken have a place on my current squad? :thinking:


Congrats. I am so jealous. Just been seeing 10s on this chicken…:disappointed_relieved:

congrats bro!! maybe to little yet. its hard to sit anybody on your team. maybe replace your weakest link

Id be tempted to remove stego for it.


Instead i would have asked why did you level stegocera so much instead of monostego and what do you think about it at that level, because i’m soooo tempted to do the same :joy:.
Answering your question, right now it has no place due to low level, but keep on working on it, it’s really worth it…once leveled up i probably would switch in for sucotator…
But sincerely your team seems pretty well balanced as it is, maybe 4 armored dinos is a bit too much but i like it

Stegod or stegocera? :joy:

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First of all, and the most important part, mono DNA is hard for me to find and I’ve already invested in a lv 20 monomimus last patch, so I’d rather wait for a monomimus superhybrid.

Second, stegoceratops is very strong, not that much weaker than monostego if the stun lands. I’ve even defeated a lv 24 trkyo with my stegocera, although I’m sure the tryko user had some misplays.

Finally, if you understand how turn based game works and how priority moves play, you can make the two stuns very efficient, especially against chompers and dinos with priority moves since my team lacks speedy, hard hitters like green chicken, so stegocera is my current answer.


I’m tempted for stegodeus too, I have a lot of tanks on my team and stegod is currently my weakest one. :joy:

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Sorry, stegodeus. Its very meh right now. Stegocera otoh is great, and looks to be getting even better (somehow)


Probably Dio, hit has low HP and could die by Thor easily.

I still play stegod (lv24) and benched tragod this patch (lv21) for rinex but realized day by day that the gap between the two now is gone and probably it’s only a matter of personal preference. It depends how much do you prefer trago instead of stegod, if you think that stegod is the weakest then is the right answer. I thought about to level up tragod and switch in for stegod too but para was going in the tuora route.

I think that the upgrade that monostego confer over stegocera maybe is not worth it to spend all the mono dna in too. If the reduced cooldown of slowing impact will be a thing next patch stego will be awesome. Monomimus’ hypotetical superhybrid is also a thing to consider…
Maybe the only thing in which i see monostego really an upgrade is the indo matchup…if you had plenty of mono dna would you have invested in monsotego too?

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Personal biased opinion - trago is far and away better; at least at higher ranks (cant speak to anything past about top 200).

Stego is slower than chompers (thor, dio, tenonto, tryo, tryko) whereas trago is faster/ties tryo.

Trago also has stun to deal with chompers and high armor (thor ic).

Trago has high armor, stun, ss and inv to deal with rinex, dilo, erl, indom. Stego currently suffers a bit vs these (had my swapped in stego 1 shot by a crit cloaked rampage from an erl twice in a week)

Trago does very well vs stego too.

Plus trago can rampage stun ss rampage for crazy dmg.

Imbo, there is no contest anymore.

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Monostego is better than stegocera in terms of variety and less dependent on stuns to work, major problem is resources, as I have previously stated (I only have 1000 mono DNA). I don’t have anything better to use at the moment, as you can see my dinos. If they buff tuoramoloch next patch may be I will use her instead.

I agree trago is better too. The only matchup stegod does better than trago is indoraptor, but the arena is not only about indoraptor anymore, Rinex, dilo, the big 3 chompers are all heavy threats, trago is miles better than stegod in dealing with these guys.

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ive had trago on the bench to long… maybe i should use it again


Gg man. That is a great team you got.

You were battle 166 :slight_smile:

I’ve tested a few matches with my baby chicken, the results are way better than my lv 26 stegodeus if the chicken is properly set up. I once used the baby chicken and opponent threw out a lv 26 stegodeus. I GSR + RNR into my lv 24 dioraja and the stegodeus is dead, amazing damage. Only problem is in top 500 only me have a baby chicken, other opponents have better chicken than I do and in my last few matches my opponent didn’t draw theirs. :grin:

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I played trago a lot, i agree that is a way more versatile dino that require a good strategy to be played and can face up to different situations in various ways. Maybe i should try to level up a bit and test it out…
But i think that also stegod has its own cards to play: yes it’s slower than chompers but can slow them, has high armor too, shield, higher damage and last but not least, 1400 more hp. (If you got one-shotted your stegod by a erli’s crit rampage it would have been the same with a swapped in tragod :joy:)
But as i said i thought to re-try tragod instead of stegod and you gave some good points to consider…at which level do you think trago starts to be competitive? 24 or higher?

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You forgot spinotasuchus, stegod i think is better than tragod in this matchup