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New/unspoken about Bugs

Found some things that need addressing:

  1. Rooms no longer show the “Scroll” on doors that have quest objectives (example: Kill 10 Orcs, rooms with Orcs are no longer marked)

  2. The new quest objectives: “Do Push or Pull X Amount of times” is buggy. It only adds +1 to the objective if you proc the ability AND it does not die AND actually moves. It should add +1 anytime the proc happens, regardless of Death. (For example, I bring Warlock to Lightfinger Estate -hardest mobs - and she does pull often, however it nearly if not always kills them or pullsthem against my tank, so they dont actually move so no +1).

  3. This wa smentioned elsewhere, but I can confirm: Tommus counterattack with AC+ weapon DOES NOT PROC vs Lightfinger Estate boss. In that - if the boss attacks Tommus, and Tommus successfully counterattacks, and his weapon shows the proc, it does not get applied. (As it should) This results in lower survivability due to not having increasing armor class.

  4. There is an odd visual bug on the challenge mode screen when u first tab into it.

@Jon et al :slight_smile:

I don’t think this is the case. I think it requires the words to pop up during an attack. I recall completing it using multiple push attacks on an enemy who couldn’t be pushed back but wasn’t immune. Immune targets won’t have the push/pull text appear.

More testing is necessary to confirm.

Additional Bug that has not been mentioned as far as I can tell -

This has been here since creation/launch day in pvp:

If on your turn, you have been immobilized, disarmed etc and you cannot make anymove, there is no way to skip your turn. it then does the auto 10 second countdown.

The problem is, this causes the system to assume you are AFK!!!

This means that at no fault of your own, your next turns are 5 second turns only because your character was disabled.

This may also affect seed algoritms, appointing you as an afk player.

Very disheartening and provides an unfair advantage.

It only gives credit if they MOVE + SURVIVE - at least for me. Lets continue testign for sure, but either way its buggy.

I actually have been having the opposite of number 1 I have been having every room show a scroll and I don’t have any quests to fill

Actually I misspoke. I do have a quest to fill but the scrolls are there even when that room or it’s inhabitants have nothing towards the quest

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Whoa now thats odd!

I agree with Vespa. Not a push but a pull quest only gave me credit if they survived. When I fought lower level monsters and my pulled attack killed them it did not count. Also they didn’t count against immune character. They only counted against characters that actually got pulled forward a zone

The counterattack bug with tommus I had reported it here already I’m glad I’m not the only one reporting it.

I have a high list of bug I’m compiling and prepare a post about it.

Another bug in mind flayer boss room

When you apply injure it can apply for multi turns but icon will only show for the first turn