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New update 1.14.11?

So, there is a new update (1.14.11) and where is the release notes???


I was wondering the same.

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ludia is waiting for everyone to update to announce the nerfs otherwise nobody will update.

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Hey Vikings, [Release Notes] Titan Uprising | Update (1.14) :slight_smile:

  1. We can’t play without downloading latest version, not possible.
  2. There were no nerfs in last (1.14) update. (Plenty of game-breaking bugs that ludia hadn’t predicted though.)
  3. They always post released notes and you are even notified in-game. To see them through your playstore, you gotta open the window that gives more info… As you read about the game you’ll find a paragraph with “new features”. If it doesn’t appear on your playstore perhaps it’s because it needs a translator for the description updates to be posted for every country. My PlayStore is in Greek and I’ve seen it some times not updated well enough. I always read the posts in here anyway so no matter to me :slight_smile:

I consider the Daily Quest Reward Rebalancing a nerf because we got reduce rewards.
They released the update first and then the release notes, all other games they release the notes first and then the update.

You don’t have your facts straight. 1.14 was solely on fixes that didn’t work out, the “rebalancing” was done in one of the previous updates.

I highly appreciate not wasting my time and putting me in a cycle of dispute if you’re not in full knowledge of the facts.

this topic was created before the release notes and I’m not just talking about update 1.14.
and don’t waste your time answering all the created topics, you don’t have to answer all

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