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New Update 1.6 Bugs Thread

Well once again there is this thread to post all the bugs you find this update.
We have missing healthbars from foes. 5-10 second delay to move tiles at the start of each wave. You can win a level and still be on wave 1/2 etc.
Anything else please add it to this thread thx


-The texture quality is still relatively low
-Light Fury’s plasma blast animation doesn’t show up


Astrid’s duty’s are frozen (even after reroll)


My battle conquest mission is not counted so i refresh it with daily free refresh (22hours) its counted the new mission after when i finished with the new one what i got again not counting…


No matter which wave you’re battling in a quest, the counter at the top always says it’s the first wave.

Oh…and there’s a big lag between waves. The board looks active, but isn’t, for much the same length of time it was previously when it was ‘pausing’ between bouts and looking inactive.

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Restarting the game fixed it for me, did you already do that? (Screenshots from the first Skrill quest level)

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Wave counter sometimes updates and sometimes doesnt.
Game constantly freezes. but clicking auto on and off fixes. Cant get dragon Info in game

Bombs are still bugged because they don’t always detonate when moved to the top. Maybe it’s not a new bug but still needs fixing.

Cool, they increased the bomb damage but doesn‘t fixed the non-exploding bombs, so our dragons will most likely die?

I had some problems before where my game randomly broke down if I loaded to many new battles / dragons / etc. (No apps running in background, software up to date etc) But now my game is almost constantly crashing down on my iPhone 6, iOS 12.3.1, I deleted and reinstalled the app, let‘s see if that helps …

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Okay, seems like the ingame energy-save-mode that for some battles prevented my game from breaking down now doesn‘t work anymore. It doesn‘t look like the framerate is lower than usual with save-mode on and my phone is overheating very fast.

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Another bug I encountered with the light fury is that when she activates her ability to shoot fire, you can’t see her plasma blasts.


Not a bug but absolutely absurd. It was ridiculously hard leveling up 10x, but the resources required for 15 levels is no fewer than like 30-50 feeder dragons and 200-500k in fish.


As above, they changed the already steep ‘Level Up 10 Dragons’ to ‘Level up 15 Dragons’, but it looks like on top of that, they changed ‘Hatch 10 Eggs’ to ‘Hatch 15 Eggs’.

Which is also far too much, considering how scales have become a precious commodity. And wasting eggs/coins on common 1 star dragons is a pointless vacuum of resources.


They changed lots of other duties too.

Gather coins is now 20k instead of 15k, Gather eggs from 50 to 60, …

I wonder if the developers thought about the newer players for which it will be extremely hard to do these types of duties (and it was likely already quite hard for them before this update)

Also this may have been mentioned before, but Astrids win 7 with specific color doesn’t keep track and use exploration energy doens’t notify you when it is finished.


I’ve just done level up 15 dragons dutie, then hatched 15 eggs dutie, followed by another level up 15 dragons and 4th one was hatch 15 dragons again, did they remove pet dragons and train 1 dragon duties?

Over 2hours to hatch 15 baby eggs for the hatch dutie, and the dragon roster capped at 138 for me I find too low now…

Very frustrating…


Also gather 40000 fish instead of 30000. They also reduce the hard chest reward of runes for subscribed player. I only got 80 runes per chest, it used to be 90. I think it is unfair to change the reward without warning in advance.

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Then level up a feeder dragon for the quest and feed it off to the bigger dragon. I will agree there was no reason to increase it though. This seems to be their answer to the complaints of the chest taking too long to respawn.

I would like to see it count levels and not amount of times leveled. If I feed 10 dragons and gain 6 levels that should count 6 for the quest not 1. Having to individually do each level kinda sucks, it time consuming and makes it hard to level the abilty


Ive tried updating my phones software, uninstalling and reinstalling the app, and removing a lot of things from my phone and it still constantly crashes along with more overheating. If you can figure out how to get it to stop crashing altogether, let me know.

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This bug is not fixed. :frowning:


Hi Allen. Did that. Now the battle freezes from the get-go and my only working option is “flee.”